Why White Barndominium? (Explained With Ideas)

Why choose a white barndominium where there are so many other choices?  You could have grey, black, blue, or many other color sidings to choose from.

Is there something so special about a white barndominium and if so what is it?

A white barndominium seems to be the latest range when choosing the outside of the barndominium. It is a neutral color that can be highlighted with different trims among other reasons.

Read on to hear some of the reasons why people are choosing a white barndominium over any other color.

We will also show you some images of white barndominiums both inside and outside, so you can see why they are becoming a popular choice.

We will also cover the pros and cons of this type of barndominium.

Key Takeaways:

  • A white barndominium gives you that farmhouse vibe as most farmhouses were white.
  • It is a neutral color and can be matched with any trim.
  • It is a less expensive siding.

White Barndominium: Why do People use White?

If you are building a barndominium in an area that is always hot, such as Texas or Arizona, is that color is not a great absorber of heat but instead reflects heat.

When the heat hits the roof of a white barndominium, it will reflect some of the heat.

white barndominium

In time, it will eventually cool the barndominium down.  As a result, it will help to cut down on electric bills.

A white barndominium will reflect approximately 55% while other darker colors reflect 15%.

Basically, a white barndominium reflects the sunlight away from your home during the summer.

White is also a neutral color so you can use any color trim that you prefer. It gives you an open color palette when choosing other colors.

It is also a color that stands out and makes someone notice your new barndominium.

White Barndominium [Pros & Cons]

  • Reflects heat and keeps the barndominium cooler
  • Neutral color that you can use any color trim with
  • lower associated taxes and insurance costs
  • Very appealing
  • It is easier to decorate when you have white furniture or walls as you can use a variety of colors.
  • Harder to keep clean both on the exterior and interior
  • Very minimalistic
  • Not a great color to choose if you have children as the furniture can become dirtier quicker.

White Barndominium Ideas With Accent Profiles

Below are some white barndominium ideas and why it is a popular color among barndominium exterior sidings.

We will also include how white can offset the colors that you use in decorating.

White Barndominium Idea 1

With this white barndominium, they have opted to go with the grey as their trim around the windows and doors.

They have also painted their stairs grey and used grey to frame their landscape.

The grey accent and trim make the white pop and it is really pleasing to the eyes.

White barndominium idea 1

White Barndominium Idea 2

With this white barndominium they have also used grey for their metal roof and a darker grey for the sliding doors.

They have trimmed gutters and downspouts in a darker grey also.

It seems as if most prefer to accent their white barndominiums with shades of grey.

White barndominium idea 2

White Barndominium Idea 3

On this white barndominium, they have used a white metal roof trimmed in a darker color, either black or dark grey.

The frame of the door is also done in the same dark color while the windows are done in white.

A very simplistic-looking barndominium with an open garage area.

White barndominium idea 3

White Barndominium Idea 4

This owner had decided to think out of the box when building their white barndominium.  They are using brown barn wood/doors to frame their windows.

They have used two sliding barn doors that lead into a breezeway to their home and office.

Using this type of wood gives the barndominium a very rustic look.  They also use some barn wood on the front of their barndominium as decoration.

White barndominium idea 4

White Barndominium Idea 5

When the owner built their white barndominium, they have either renovated an old barn or built their barndominium to look like one.

With this white barndominium, they have kept it simple with lots of windows to let in the light and a large door with a lot of windows also.

The only color on this barndominium is what appears to be wood trim around the front door.

White barndominium idea 5

White Barndominium Idea 6

With this white barndominium, the owner has taken the white inside by using white furniture and accessories.

They have also used white for the appliances, cabinets, and some of the kitchen island.  The walls and floor are a light tan with some dark wood accents.

They have also used dark brown chairs for the kitchen island.  Gives the room a more spacious look.

White barndominium idea 6

White Barndominium Idea 7

This owner has also taken the white inside by painting the walls white with accents of a wooden butcher block countertop on the kitchen island and stool tops.

The kitchen island is also painted a light grey.  Roof beams are also made of wood and look like barn wood.

There are hanging lights made of clear glass.  The ceiling is also painted white.  Very simple yet elegant.

White barndominium idea 7


When talking about a white barndominium, does not mean that only the exterior is white.  It can also include the inside.

We have given you the answer to the question as to why people love white barndominiums and the pros and cons of choosing this color.

White is a great color, both inside and out, as it gives you a simple yet elegant barndominium.

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