8 Top Map 6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans – Choosing One

Are you ready to take the plunge and build your customized dream home?  Do you have a piece of land you have been wanting to use?  Maybe you just got married and need a bigger house because of a combined family.

The answer is for you to visit your barndominium builder and ask to see their 6 bedroom barndominium floor plans.  Even if you do not need six bedrooms, you can use one for an office or guest room.  If you homeschool your children, the extra room could be their classroom.

Having 6 bedrooms may seem like a lot of house but it is an ideal floor plan if you have the land upon which to build it.  It gives your room for your family and guests.  There are even rooms you can make a craft room, office, and more.  Read on to see some of the 6 bedroom barndominium floor plans to find the one that is right for you.

What is a Barndominium?

The word barndominium sounds a bit strange and may make you think you would live in a barn.  That is not true.  Inside it looks like a condominium with an open floor plan but the outside resembles an old barn.  It is a building that is not constructed like your traditional home.  The framework of a barndominium is steel with sheet metal siding.

What is a Barndominium

Some think that being made of a steel frame that a barndominium cannot stand up to some weather conditions.  They are afraid it may be struck by lightning because of the frame and could harm someone inside the barndominium. Are barndominiums safe and the answer is yes.

If you are a first-time home buyer, a barndominium gives you affordable home options.  They do not take long to build and are energy efficient.  A barndominium is great if you work at home because you can use a floor plan that incorporates room for an office or shop.

How to Select the Best 6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans

Looking at all those 6 bedroom barndominium floor plans can leave you conflicted as to which one to use for your dream home.  To help make the process of selecting a floor plan, here are some things to consider.  One thing to consider is how much land you must build on.

Look at the square footage of your land and the size barndominium you want to build.  You want to make sure that you have enough land to build a porch or to build a garage later.  If you have children, they should have a yard to play in.

Look at your lifestyle.  Does your family like to watch movies or television together?  Maybe you have a hobby or craft you love doing.  Make sure that you have rooms for this.  If you entertain or have a large family, make sure that you have a large kitchen and dining space.  Plan it out before choosing a floor plan.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans

This a lot of bedrooms that you have to work into a set amount of square footage.  Look at the following floor plans to give you an idea of how your barndominium would look.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 1 – Plan 081

It is nice to have a porch area, but it does not need to be a wrap-around porch.  The space could have been used better.  There is no dining area, and the kitchen is quite small, especially for a large family.  The bedrooms and bathrooms are down a hallway ending with the master bedroom.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 1-Plan 081

For five bedrooms, there is only one bathroom with a half bath off the living room.  There is also a laundry room near the master bedroom.  To get to the master bathroom you have to walk through the closet.  This is not a floor plan I would choose.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 2 – Plan 082

Many would not like this floor plan because there is no master bedroom.  There is also a small kitchen but no dining room.  Off the living room are two short hallways with two bathrooms and two closets sitting in the middle of the space.  At the end of the barndominium, there are two bedrooms with attached bathrooms.

They are both the same size and either could be used as a master bedroom.  The weird thing with this floorplan is that with the two-end bedrooms, you have to step out of the room to get to your closet. The large front porch could have been a little smaller to give the inside more room.  If I had to choose between this floor plan and the one above, I would choose this one.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 3 – Plan 083

This two-story barndominium is a way to accommodate six bedrooms and have space for the kitchen and living areas.  There is a master bedroom and two other bedrooms on the first floor.  There is a bathroom they share but are not connected.  Large living and dining area with good size kitchen.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 3-Plan 083

Upstairs are the other three bedrooms with one bathroom, not connected to any room, a small sturdy area, and another area that could be used as their common room.  This is a great floor plan when planning for a barndominium with six bedrooms.  Rooms are all spacious, so you do not feel cramped.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 5 – Plan 085

This floor plan has two bedrooms on one side of the barndominium next to the garage.  The living room, dining area, and kitchen area in the middle followed by four other bedrooms.  The four bedrooms seemed crammed together to make room for a game room.  The two bathrooms on that side are front to back.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 5-Plan 085

They could have not taken so much room for the garage to give them more room inside for the bedrooms.  There is no guest bathroom, so they have to use the one on the four-bedroom side.  Also, when bringing groceries in from the car it looks like they either have to go through the master bedroom or from the front porch.  This floor plan is in the bottom five for me.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 6-Plan 086

This 6 bedroom barndominium floor plan is well laid out with one exception.  The garage is on one end of the barndominium, and the kitchen is on the other side.  You would have to come through the dining area to bring in groceries and then move the car.  Great open concept.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 6-Plan 086

The bedrooms are well placed.  There is not much wrong with this layout. They have given the kitchen enough room to move in putting it in the corner facing the living and dining room.  It does not feel cramped.  I would put this on my list of top five.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 7 – Plan 087

When looking at this floor plan, you see six bedrooms with four of them crammed into one end of the barndominium.  The kitchen is not that large with the island taking up too much room.  There is a living area but no formal dining room.  Also, none of the bedrooms have the distinction of the master bedroom.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 7-Plan 087

The bedrooms are a decent size.  I just feel they put too many rooms on one side of the floor plans.  I also do not like the kitchen because it seems crowded, and the island could be smaller and include a dining area.  That appears what they are using the island for.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 8 – Plan 088

This is not a bad floor plan.  The rooms are evenly divided, the kitchen is a decent size and there is a dining area.  The one strange thing with this floor plan is that it appears as if two bedrooms have no privacy walls,

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 8-Plan 088

There is a guest bathroom, and they have the pantry and laundry room in the right space.  This is a floor plan I would consider utilizing.  The master bedroom is the size that it should be.  There is a kitchen island, but it is well placed.  Great open concept.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 9 – Plan 089

With this floor plan, all the bedrooms except one are on one side of the house.  One is at the end of the living area and would make a good guest room if they had put a bathroom in there.  With that bedroom, you have to walk across the living room to reach the bathroom.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 9-Plan 089

Between two of the bedrooms, there appears to be a bathroom but is not clearly marked.  If it is not a bathroom, then four bedrooms have to share one bathroom.  Great open concept and well-thought-out kitchen with a pantry and laundry room off the kitchen.  This floor plan is a great way to use the space for six bedrooms.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 10 – Plan 090

This floor plan has but the guest bathroom off the kitchen, which seems a bit odd.  Good open concept.  With the master bedroom, you have to walk through the closet to get to the bathroom.  The bathrooms are evenly spaced among the other five bedrooms.

6 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 10-Plan 090

If you work at home, there is an office, but it could be used as a game room, library, or whatever you need an extra room for.  One thing missing is that there are is not a pantry.  All the bedrooms are on one side of the barndominium, which I like.  This is one floor plan to consider.


In this article, there are some great 6 bedroom barndominium floor plans and a few that missed the mark.  We have also covered things you should consider before buying a barndominium.

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