5 Best 60×60 Barndominium Floor Plans – With Amazing Design Ideas

Do you want to build a get-away house where you can get some relaxing time?  Maybe need the extra room for family or you could be a foster parent.

Are you a new homeowner and want room to expand your family without moving?

60×60 Barndominium Floor might be the answer.  You can design the house to suit your needs. 

You can even have a recreation room for the teenagers or an office for mom or dad.  There is enough room for a shop for a home business.

The number of bedrooms can range from two to five bedrooms.  It can even have a second story.

You can build a barndominium from the ground up yourself or hire a contractor.  There is even a barndominium kit.

Barndominiums are less expensive than a traditional home and allow you to design it as you want.

Building a 60×60 Barndominium Floor: The Layout

Some refer to what the barndominium sits on a foundation while others call it a floor.

They may call it a floor because they are just using the concrete base as their floors, painting it, and putting rugs on it.

Before you get to that point, or even to build your barndominium, there has to be something to build it on.

Because of the size of this barndominium, 60×60 feet, that is a lot of concrete that needs to be poured.

In order to make the barndominium energy-efficient and level, it has to have an even floor to be built on.  This is why building a floor should be left to professionals.

60x60 Barndominium Floor Plans

The contractor will check out the area where the barndominium is going to be built and make sure it is cleared of all debris before they make a frame.  After the frame is put in, which is normally wood, they will put it in rebar.  This is to help make the parts of the floor where it is not sitting on the frame to be stronger.

The concrete is poured and leveled out, then left to cure for three to nine days before work can begin on the barndominium.  The average cost is $4-$8 per square foot but the actual cost depends on where you live.  You also have to figure in material and labor.

60×60 Barndominium Floor Plans And Drawings

A 60×60 barndominium will give you over 2,500 square feet of living space.

Enough for four to five bedrooms, even a second story if you choose to.  Below are several 60×60 barndominium floor plans.

Look them over to see which one meets your family’s needs.

60x60 Barndominium Floor Plans

60×60 Barndominium Example 1 – Floor Plan 022

This 60×60 barndominium floor plan offers you four bedrooms, including a large master bedroom.

Two of the bedrooms share a bathroom while the last bedroom has a bathroom that is also shared by guests.  The kitchen gives you plenty of cabinets and counter space.

You have to go down a small hall to get to the laundry room at the end and the pantry, all off the kitchen

60x60 Barndominium Example 1-Plan 022

The dining and living room are large but I feel that they should have been switched so the dining room was closer to the kitchen and the living room would be larger.

The layout is good except for the issue I mentioned.  This is one I would consider using to build my barndominium.

60×60 Barndominium Example 2 – Floor Plan 023

This 60×60 barndominium floor plan makes great use of the living space by managing to have five bedrooms, including a master bedroom and a family room.

Each of the other four bedrooms is grouped into two with a bathroom between them.

Again, I do not like the setup of the master bedroom because you have to go through the bathroom to get to the closet.

60x60 Barndominium Example 2-Plan 023

The guest bathroom appears to be a full bathroom but could have been a half bath instead.  The front of the barndominium contains the living and dining room and the kitchen.

Off the kitchen are the pantry and laundry room.  This is a great setup and one I would definitely use to build my barndominium.

60×60 Barndominium Example 3 – Floor Plan 024

This 60×60 barndominium floor plan did not utilize the space well at all.  There are only three bedrooms, and none are a master bedroom.

The extra square footage is taken up by a huge office, utility room, and garage.  The bedrooms are not even that large.

60x60 Barndominium Example 3-Plan 024

There is not even a dining area, just a dining island, which does not make for entertaining.  The kitchen is also quite small with little counter space.

There is also a half bath for the guests.  It appears to be very cramped and compact living space.  I would pass this one up for my barndominium.

60×60 Barndominium Example 4 – Floor Plan 025

This 60×60 barndominium once again did not use the square footage of living space adequately.  It really looks cramped.  Only two bedrooms with their own bathroom.

To get to the bathrooms you have to go through the walk-in closet.  Most of the space is taken up by the large front porch, shop, and office.

60x60 Barndominium Example 4-Plan 025

There is no dining space and only has a dining island with four stools.  Instead of the large living room, they could have used part of it for a dining room.

The utility room looks small and narrow.  This floor plan is one I would pass on and look for one that uses the space wisely.

60×60 Barndominium Example 5 – Floor Plan 026

This 60×60 barndominium floor plan is another sample of not using the space wisely.

No master bedroom but has three bedrooms.  Two of the bedrooms have attached bathrooms, which you enter through the walk-in closet.

The third bedroom is listed as the guest bedroom and you have to step out into a small hallway to get to the closet.  The bathroom is off the living room.

60x60 Barndominium Example 5-Plan 026

No dining space but the dining island has space for four seats on each side.  The kitchen is not very large with not much counter space or cabinets.

You go into the utility room from the kitchen, then to the pantry, and finally a closet.  The living room opens to a large front porch.  Not good if you have a family of four or more.

Is a 60×60 Barndominium House Very Costly? (Less Than Regular House!)

Yes, a 60×60 barndominium can be costly considering the cost per square footage of living space.  The price will depend on the area where you live.

It will also depend on whether you build from the ground up or a kit.  A barndominium this size could be around $300, 000.

You also have to consider the furnishings, appliances, floors, and more.

Final Verdict

As you can see by the 60×60 barndominium floor plans, most did not utilize the square footage living space wisely.  They used it for shops, offices, playrooms, etc.

It is good to have these areas, but they could have been made a little smaller to give more room to other areas.  You also learned in this article how to build a barndominium floor.

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