30×60 Barndominium Floor Plans With Shop: Total Breakdown

You have been working out of a small room in your home and have decided that it is time to expand.  Not only your home business but also your home.

When considering building a new home with room for your home business a barndominium with a shop area would be a great idea.

The ideal floor plan would be to look at 30×60 barndominium floor plans with shop.  This shop could be at either end of your barndominium and of various sizes.  How large would depend on what type of home business you are going to use it for?  

Read on to see what it would cost to build this dream barndominium.

The article will also showcase eight different 30×60 barndominium floor plans with shop to help you decide how to design your barndominium to work best for your needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adding a shop to your barndominium will give you space for a home business
  • It will add value to your barndominium if you should sell.
  • The exact cost to add a shop will depend on square footage and how it is finished.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a 30×60 Barndominium Floor Plan With Shop?

The exact cost of building a shop will depend on a variety of factors, with the number one being the square footage.

You also have to figure out other factors such as the price to build a floor, installing the plumbing and electricity, and more.

If you are using 30×60 barndominium floor plans with shop, here are the approximately finished costs per square foot

  • Finish drywall–$1-$3
  • Install HVAC system–$25-$60
  • Install plumbing–$4.50
  • Install windows–$85-$1,400 per window
  • Build a floor–$10-$32
  • Install electrical wiring–$6-$8

To build a 30×60 barndominium with a shop, you can expect to pay $20-$100 per square foot plus the additional cost listed above.

The lower cost is for a shell or bare-bones barndominium kit that just comes with a roof, walls, and beams.

On average, depending on the square footage of the 30×60 barndominium and shop, it could cost over $180,000.

When you have your 30×60 barndominium floor plans with shop picked out, this will give you the square footage so you can get a better average of what it will cost.

Great Designs For Floor Area for 30×60 Barndominium Floor Plans With Shop

Below are eight different floor plans with shop.  As you will see from the floor plans, your 30×60 barndominium can be built in different ways with shops of various sizes, the number of bedrooms, and placement of the shops.

30x60 Barndominium Floor Plans With Shop

Example 1 Plan 164

This floor plan offers you a 20×21 shop situated in the corner of the 30×60 barndominium.

There is a storage area and office, which also opens into the utility/laundry room of the barndominium.

There are two bedrooms, one of which has an ensuite bathroom.  The other has a bathroom you enter off the living room and is also the guest bathroom.  Both bedrooms are off the living space.

30x60 barndominium floor plans with shop Example 1 – Plan-164

You enter your barndominium from the opposite end where the shop is.  There is a nice kitchen with an island with seating for four but no dining area.

When running your home business, it is far enough away from the entrance to the home that you will not be bothered by customers or suppliers.

Example 2 Plan 165

This 20×22 shop also has an office and storage area.  You can enter the shop and the barndominium thru the office into the kitchen and living space.

There is a kitchen island with seating for four.  Off the living space is the laundry/utility room, which you can also access from the outside.

The shop entrance is on the side but the shop itself is close to the living area, where you enter your home from the front porch.

30x60 barndominium floor plans with shop Example 2 –Plan-165

Down a hallway from the kitchen is a pantry and guest bathroom, which is also used by the bedroom.  The other bedroom has an ensuite bathroom.

Example 3 Plan 166

This 30×60 barndominium with shop offers a 20×30 shop that would be ideal for a woodworking home business or bakery as it is large enough to be divided.

It leads into an office that leads to the kitchen.  The one drawback is that there is no pantry but there is a utility/laundry room off the kitchen.

There is also a half-bath for guests to use.  The living area opens on both sides to a porch and then to the two bedrooms with ensuites.

30x60 barndominium floor plans with shop Example 3 –Plan-166

Example 4 Plan 167

This is also another large shop area of 22×30 that is well situated from the living quarters.  From the shop you enter an office and then into a small hallway where there is a half-bath and laundry room.

In the middle of the 30×60 barndominium, there is a nice kitchen and island with seating for four.

There is also a pantry.  Off the living area is a nice patio for entertaining.  From the living room, there are two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

30x60 barndominium floor plans with shop Example 4 –Plan-167

Example 5 Plan 168

This is a very unique shop area of 22×15 as you can leave it and enter straight into the living area.

This shop is not set apart from the rest of the barndominium but is more of a part of the side where you will find two of the bedrooms, with the master suite located at the end of the barndominium.

This is a long narrow barndominium floor plan.

30x60 barndominium floor plans with shop Example 5 –Plan-168

You have the living area, then the kitchen but there is no pantry or laundry room.

You enter into a hallway where the bedrooms are and in two of the bedrooms, you will have to cross the hallway to get to the bathroom, which would also be the guest bathroom.

Example 6 Plan 169

This is a simple 30×60 barndominium with just the basics that you would need in a home.  The shop is 19×26 and sits at one end of the barndominium.

You enter from the outside or the living area.  In the kitchen, you will find a pantry and laundry room.

It utilizes the open concept of living, dining, and kitchen area.  Down a hallway off the dining area are the master suite and second bathroom that shares the bathroom with guests.

30x60 barndominium floor plans with shop Example 6 –Plan-169

Example 7 Plan 170

This floor plan has a shop area of 17×29 and can be entered from the outside or through the living area.

It is also a simple, open concept plan with the kitchen, living, and dining space in the middle but there is no laundry room or pantry.

Down a hallway off the dining area are two bedrooms with a bathroom between them but not a jack-and-jill bathroom, that is also a guest bathroom.

On the other side of the hallway is the master suite.

30x60 barndominium floor plans with shop Example 7 –Plan-170

Example 8 Plan 171

This floor plan has an L-shaped kitchen, living, and dining area with the living room at the end.

Off the living room is a bedroom with a bathroom that is not attached and would also be the guest bathroom.

Then there is the master suite, which shares a wall with the shop.  The shop is 24×14 and opens to the living room and outside.  There is no storage space or office in the shop.

This is not a great setup if you are running a home business as there is nowhere to keep records and if someone is sleeping in the master suite, they could be disturbed by the noise from the shop.

30x60 barndominium floor plans with shop Example 8 –Plan-171


As you have seen with these 30×60 barndominium floor plans with shop, they are two bedrooms and simply designed.

They also give up space for a pantry and laundry room if they are too large.  You also have to make sure that they are placed correctly to be able to keep business and home separate even if they are attached.

This article also covers what it would cost on average to have this size barndominium with shop.

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