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Executive Editor:

James Hall

James is an executive editor of Barndominiumideas.com. He’s been working with us since mid-2021. James spends most of his time researching and finding what’s new to the world of barndominiums.

You can directly contact him through the Barndominiumideas contact us forum.


Arlie Mayes

Arlie is our senior editor who’s been working with us from the beginning of Barndominiumideas. He becomes a passionate lover of barndominiums after watching the popular TV series Fixer Upper.

From his childhood, he dreamed of a different lifestyle and he found it in barndominiums. He just wants to escape from his suburban life and barndominiums help him to accomplish that.

We didn’t hire John just because he loves barndominiums, we hired him because of his huge knowledge about it. He spent a good amount of time in his life researching and learning about barndominiums.

If you would like to contact John, you can email us through the contact us forum and we will make a schedule for that.


Linda And Richard McFarland

Linda And Richard McFarland dream to build a barndominium in their empty property of the East Village. It’s been 4 years since they got married but sadly they don’t own a house.

As they don’t have enough capital to build a traditional house they look for alternatives. On the other hand, they don’t want to take out a house loan as they want to lead a debt-free lifestyle and a barndominium makes their dream true.

You’ll be surprised to know that their whole property cost only $140,000 only which is far cheaper than a traditional one.

You can check the photos of their home on our site Barndominiumideas.com.

Sandra And Joshua Simpson

Hello, we’re Sandra And Joshua Simpson. We are going to build our second home on our vacant land in Brooklyn. If everything is alright it’s estimated that we’ll finish the house within six months.

We’ll soon post the photos of our house in Barndominiumideas.com

Thomas E. Krohn

Thomas is a professional and specialist home and decor writer based out of Texas. He completed his graduation from the University of Alabama with a degree in English literature and linguistics. Thomas has written for numerous popular journals and magazines with this niche.

Scott E. Anderson

Scott is one of our senior writers. Before joining us he operated a writing business from Virginia. He joins us because of his huge interest in barndominiums. Scott visits almost all the barndominiums that are near him and does in-depth research on them. You’ll be surprised to know that he’s been writing about homes since 2001 and one of our senior team members of Barndominiumideas.com


Billy L. Pacheco

Billy is the chief technical officer of Barndominium ideas. He’s responsible for all operational activity here. He spends his whole day talking about builders, designers for house plans, and other essential service providers relevant to this segment. Moreover, he’s an active member of the barndominium community working with a vision to drive awareness of the flourishing barndominium industry.

Christopher B. Jansen

Christopher manages all the deals and partnership team at Barndominium Ideas. He’s the one who makes the deal with our partner’s advertisers, homebuilders, and kit providers.

When I first set out looking for more information on barndos, I was a bit confused. I quickly realized that there was a dearth of information on barndominiums online. From finding a barndominium floor plan to finding a local builder, to kit providers –no one was writing about the barndominium.

The Story

There’s a sweet story behind Barndominium Ideas. In the beginning, I actually didn’t have any idea about barndominiums like many others. I got the idea about the barndominium from the TV show  Fixer Upper. After watching barndominiums in Fixer Upper, I fell in love with it. And, it influences me to know about it.

But, when I start to research it on the internet I found very little information about barndos. That’s what influences me to create this site and share my research and findings with the broader audience. Here on this site Barndominium Ideas, you’ll get information about barndominium floor plans, kit providers, and the local builder, etc.

To provide all this information all alone is quite impossible for me. So, I look for more people who have the same interest in barndominium as me. After doing an intensive survey on different social media platforms like Facebook groups  I’m able to find a community who’re enthusiasts about barndominium.

All the resources you’re getting “Barndominium Ideas” are the result of extensive research on barndominiums. With a dedicated team of enthusiasts and energetic people, I’m working here in Barndominium Ideas to educate, inform and inspire people to build their dream Barndominium.