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Barndominium Ideas is your source for everything related to barndominiums. Our site includes carefully researched and compiled information on building barndominiums, comparing floor plans, and more. You can learn more about how to plan your dream barndominium and get it built in your state.

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Executive Editor:

James Hall

James joined us as the Executive Editor in the middle of 2021. He works tirelessly to uncover the latest developments in the world of barndominiums, ensuring that our site covers the newest information.

You can contact James directly through the contact form on this site.


Arlie Mayes

Arlie is the senior editor of Barndominium Ideas and has been with us since the beginning. He is passionate about barndominiums and enjoys passing on his knowledge.

He first became interested in barndominiums after seeing them on TV. He now spends his time researching barndominium designs and features to help others get more out of their “barndos”.


Linda And Richard McFarland

Linda and Richard McFarland know what it takes to build a barndominium. These two contributors started sharing their journey after building a barndominium in the East Village.

After getting married, the couple realized that they couldn’t afford to build a traditional house with the features that they wanted most, which led them to barndominiums. You can view photos of their project on our site.

Sandra And Joshua Simpson

Sandra and Joshua Simpson are currently in the process of building a second barndominium on vacant land in upstate NY. They hope to have the project done in just six months and will be sharing photos on the site. Check back regularly to find the latest posts from Sandra and Joshua.

Thomas Krohn

Thomas is a professional writer that specializes in home and décor. He graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in English literature and linguistics before embarking on his professional career. He has written for many popular journals and magazines within the alternative home niche, including writing extensively about barndominiums.

Scott Anderson

Scott is a senior writer at Barndominium Ideas. Before joining our team, Scott operated a writing business in Virginia. He has visited and viewed all the barndominiums in his area and knows what to look for when researching a new project. Scott has been writing about homes since 2001, making him one of the most experienced writers on the topic.


Billy Pacheco

Billy is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Barndominium Ideas. He is responsible for all our operational activities. You can thank him for helping to keep our website up and running 24/7/365. Billy has years of experience overseeing technical projects. However, he is also an active member of the barndominium community. He enjoys talking about barndo designs and discussing the latest advancements in the barndominium industry.

Christopher Jansen

Christopher manages our partnerships. We rely on Christopher to make deals with our partner advertisers, homebuilders, and kit providers. With Christopher’s help, Barndominium Ideas contains a wide range of special offers and deals with some of the top builders and manufacturers in the barndominium industry, allowing you to get the best value.

The Story

The idea for Barndominium Ideas came from the television. Our founder had never heard of barndominiums until watching an episode of the popular TV show Fixer Upper. After falling in love with the idea of a barndominium, which offers more space and versatility compared to a traditional home, we found a lack of information on the topic online.

The internet has very little help when it comes to barndominiums, which led to the creation of this website. We built Barndominium Ideas to compile the best information in one place. You can find everything that you need to know about barndominiums. You can explore the benefits of barndominiums, find answers to your questions, and get the best ideas for building your dream barndominium.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help you find accurate, useful information on barndominiums. Barndominiums have existed for several decades but have only become popular relatively recently. We are dedicated to providing the world with the best information related to barndominiums. Whether you are planning on building one or just want to learn more about these unique homes, you can find what you need on our site.

What is a Barndominium?

If you are just discovering barndominiums for the first time, you may not know what to think of these interesting homes. A barndominium is traditionally a “barn” and a “condominium” combined.

The first barndominiums included a living area built around an open space used as a barn, garage, or workshop. Barndominiums also typically include metal frames. The metal frame allows for more design options, such as open floor plans and taller ceilings.

Barndominiums may also offer greater energy efficiency and protection against the elements. A barndominium can offer many advantages, but you still need to research your options and explore ideas, which is where we come in. Barndominium Ideas contains a vast selection of articles on barndominiums.

Your Source for Barndominium Ideas

As barndominium lovers, we understand the frustration that comes with researching this topic online. Even when you find relevant articles, you may not know whether the information is accurate.

You can count on the articles found on our site for accuracy. Our content is written and edited by a dedicated team with years of experience.

Not only do we have experience writing about barndominiums, but several of our team members also live in barndominiums. We understand the advantages and challenges of building and living in barndos, making us the best source for barndominium ideas.

The content on our site is divided into multiple categories to help you quickly find the information that you need. You can view our comprehensive guides to explore various barndominium topics in more detail or check out our barndominium FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.

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