5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans With Details – Top 5 Maps

Have you always dreamed of having your own home that you designed yourself?  Do you and your spouse work from home?

Maybe you live on or near the beach and you have a lot of company during the summer months.

Now that it is time to design your home, how should you place the rooms?

Many, when designing their dream home, go with the traditional home. If you want something different that will give you an open concept for your kitchen, living, and dining room, check out the 5 bedroom barndominium floor plans.

If this sounds like an interesting idea, one that you may not have considered, read on.

Learn what a barndominium is, how energy-efficient it is, and how it is not as expensive as a traditional home.

You can get all the rooms you need with an open concept for less than what it would cost for a traditional home.

An Overview On Barndominiums

The barndominium is the latest in ulterior housing and seems to be catching on all over the United States.  But what is a barndominium?

A barndominium is part barn and part condominium.  No, the inside is not going to look like a barn.  The inside can be as luxurious as you make it.

One thing that makes it so popular is that it is quicker to build than a traditional home.

What is a Barndominium

It has an open concept and if you want a lot of bedrooms, choose the 5 bedroom barndominium floor plans to get you started on your dream home.

There is also barndominium design software you can use if the floor plans start to overwhelm you

A barndominium can be any shape or size you want.  It has a steel frame, so it makes it tougher to stand up to all types of weather.

A barndominium is an affordable option for first-time home buyers.  They are energy efficient and easy to maintain.

How to Select the Best 5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans

You have decided to build your dream home and it will be a barndominium.  You have looked at several floor plans, but which one should you choose?

First, think of your family and lifestyle.  Do you spend a lot of time as a family watching television or playing board games?

Do you like to entertain?  If yes, then you want to make sure that area has a lot of square footage.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans

With the bedrooms, how do you want them placed?  Many prefer to have the master bedroom away from the other bedrooms.

You also need to decide how many bathrooms.  You may decide to put two full baths around the other four bedrooms and then a half-bath for guests to use.

Consider the flow of traffic through your barndominium.

If you park in the garage and bring groceries in, you want to make sure that there is a door connecting the two, so you don’t have to carry the groceries very far.

If you have a pond or something interesting to see on your land have wall-to-ceiling windows in your living room so when you are sitting, there you can view it.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans

Below are several 5 bedroom barndominium floor plans.  When deciding which you prefer, look at the layout to make sure that it fits your family and lifestyle.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan Example 1 – Floor Plan O76

This is not the ideal floor plan when bringing in groceries from the car.

You have to go through the mudroom, down a hallway, through the bathroom door to a porch, and then through another door to finally get to the kitchen.

The master bedroom is well placed but the pantry is not.  It appears to be too far from the kitchen.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan Example 1-Plan O76

To get to the other four bedrooms, you step into a playroom to reach them.  Two of the bedrooms have bathrooms attached while the other two share a bathroom.

From the floor plans, it appears that a guest would have to go through a bedroom to get to the bathroom.  This is not a well-thought-out floor plan and not one I would use.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 2 – Floor Plan 077

This is a two-story floor plan that uses the space wisely.  If this is a large family, the kitchen seems to be a little small.  They do offer a bathroom for guests to use near the master bedroom.

The second story is well laid out.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 2-Plan 077

Two bedrooms on each side of the upper floor with a shared bathroom between the rooms.

There is also a loft area where they could make it a space for watching television or an extra sleeping area.

If I were to choose a floor plan, this one would be in my top three.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 3 – Floor Plan 078

One drawback with this floor plan is the distance you have to carry groceries.  Also, you have to go through the master closet to get to the bathroom.

The four bedrooms are laid out perfectly.  Two on each side with Jack and Jill bathroom.  The guest bathroom is off the kitchen.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 3-Plan 078

There are two game rooms off the living room.  There is also no pantry but there is a closet off the kitchen.

This is not a bad floor plan but if it was between two-floor plans I would choose the one above.  The added shop area is a nice addition.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 4 – Floor Plan 079

I can see a few things wrong with this floor plan.  First off, there is one bathroom for four bedrooms.  They have put a game room in this area also.

The bedrooms could have been figured differently and maybe there could have been Jack and Jill bathrooms.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 4-Plan 079

The master bedroom is different in which you can enter from the living room or the porch.

There appears to be no guest bathroom but there is a bathroom in the area that has the laundry room.  You enter this area off the garage.

This floor plan would be in my bottom three.  Not well thought out.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 5 – Floor Plan 080

This is not a floor plan I would consider.  The occupants of one bedroom would have to cross the family area, go down the hall to get to the bathroom.  Two of the bedrooms share a bathroom.  The ones in the other bathroom have to use the hall bathroom but do not have far to go.  These bedrooms could have been set up differently.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans Example 5-Plan 080

To get to the master closet you have to go through the bathroom.  The kitchen space for cooking seems a bit cramped.

Guests would have to use the bathroom in the hallway. There are two bonus areas, the shop, and the craft room.   This would not be in my top three floor plans.

Final Verdict

These 5 bedroom barndominium floor plans show ways in which to utilize the space to give you a great home.  There are also a couple that shows you how not to.

Check this article over and see which floor plan fits your family.

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