6 Two-Story Barndominium Floor Plans With Pictures & Layouts

Most barndominiums are one-story but there are some great two-story barndominium plans from which to choose.

Many times, those that are building a barndominium will choose a two-story floor plan if they have children to put all of the bedrooms on the second floor.

Sometimes the master bedroom will be on the first floor to give everyone some space.

Using two-story barndominium floor plans is ideal for those that want to keep their sleeping areas away from the main living areas.

It is also a great way to give your children, especially teenagers, their own space and privacy.

The question is how do you use two-story barndominium floor plans efficiently to utilize the space without making your barndominium too large?

Read on to see how you can use two-story barndominium plans to fit your family and lifestyle.

In this article, we will share with you six floor plans to give you ideas of how your two-story barndominium can look and what you need to do to build it.

Key Takeaways:

  • With a two-story barndominium, you will have more rooms that are larger.
  • Having a second story can increase the value of your barndominium
  • On the second story, there can also be a den, game room, or recreation room for the children

What are Two-Story Barndominium – How they Look

When building a two-story barndominium, it will allow you to almost double the amount of floor space but it will not double your budget.

Yes, it will cost more than a one-story barndominium but the added cost will mostly be for the materials.

Two-Story Barndominium

As mentioned, most barndominiums were originally two stories, with the top half being used for the living quarter and the bottom half for the livestock.  There are many advantages to using two-story barndominium floor plans.

Cost less to build

They cost less than a traditional two-story home because they are easier to build.

More square footage for less

When adding a second story, it almost doubles the amount of floor space you have but does not double the price. The reason is that you already have one of the most expensive parts of the barndominium, which is the foundation.

You get the extra space without having to double the size of your foundation since you are adding another floor and not expanding your barndominium by adding a shop or garage.

Build time is shorter

When they are putting up the outer walls, it will go faster than if you were building a traditional house.

You are also saving labor costs because it does not take much longer to put up the outer walls for a second floor.  Purchasing a barndominium kit will also save time.


Since many barndominiums use a metal frame, they are insulated very well, making them energy efficient. Yes, you will have to pay more to insulate the second floor but over time, the energy costs you save will be worth it.


With two-story barndominium floor plans, you can also include a shop or garage and home all into one structure. This gives you more rooms to use as you need without having a lot of outbuildings on your property.

As with anything, there are also disadvantages to using two-story barndominium floor plans.

  • Curb appeal—some feel that a two-story barndominium looks sort of clunky and does not have much curb appeal. Also, if you cannot afford to add a custom exterior because you spent the money on adding a second floor, your barndominium may look just like a metal building and not be eye-catching.
  • Land—with this type of floor plan you need to make sure that you have the land to build your barndominium. This type of barndominium is sometimes larger than a regular one-story barndominium.
  • Cost can increase—this goes without saying because you have the extra cost for material, labor, and installation. After all, you still have to construct the floor and walls but the extra space may be worth it.
  • Stairs—you need to consider when deciding whether to use two-story barndominium floor plans if stairs will be an issue now or in the future if you plan to make this your permanent home. As you get older, climbing stairs may not be so easy any longer.

How Do You Plan To Build A Two-story Barndominium Floor Plan?

On average, the cost to build a two-story barndominium is $35-$170 per square foot.  The actual cost depends on the material used, how many square feet your barndominium is, and labor.

You also have to figure in your cost for the foundation.  If you are adding in a garage or workshop, it can average $125-$150 per square foot.

Two-Story Barndominium Floor Plans

When you build your two-story barndominium, the first thing that needs to be done is to build the outer walls.

Most barndominiums are built using large steel frames with wood frames secured to them to help support the drywall and interior frame.

When you are using two-story barndominium plans, you will need to install joists and ceiling beams.  The joists will be added across the top of the wall frames horizontally.

When building a second story, the floor is supported by sets of two 2x4s that will be spaced about twelve inches apart.

On top of the joists, you will add a subfloor.  Once you have done the subfloor and added the joists, it is time to finish framing the walls of your second floor.

Two-Story Barndominium Floor Plans Example 1 – Floor Plan 116

First floor

On the first floor, is an attached three-car garage.  There is a nice entertaining area with a front and back porch.

It is a very well-laid out floor plan with the master suite on the opposite end of the barndominium.

You enter, from the garage into a small hallway, off which are the utility room and pantry with a guest bathroom off the same hallway.

Two-Story Barndominium Floor Plans Example 1 Plan 116 (1st floor)

You walk into the kitchen/family room open concept.  The stairs leading to the second floor are in the middle of the family area.

You also have the dining area and study on this level.  Off the front porch is the foyer that leads into the house.  Everything flows.

Second Floor

Below you have the second floor, which leads to two more bedrooms and a jack-and-jill bathroom.

There is also a balcony where you can look down on the first floor as there is a large open area.  There is also a game room that could also be used as another bedroom

Two-Story Barndominium Floor Plans Example 1 Plan 116 (2nd floor)

Two-Story Barndominium Floor Plans Example 2 – Floor Plan 117

First Floor

The first part of the floor pan shows the first floor.  Across the back of the barndominium is a very large deck that goes from one end to the other.

There is a small front porch that leads through the front door to an entryway.  Off to one side are the stairs to the second floor and a guest bathroom.

You continue into the great room that leads to the kitchen.  There is not much of an open concept with this floor plan.

Two Story Barndominium Floor Plans -Example-2 Plan-117-1st floor

The kitchen leads into a mudroom off which is the laundry room and two closets.  From the mudroom, there is another door leading to the outside.  The dining room is off the kitchen so this is where the open concept is.  On the other end is the master suite.

Second Floor

Now we move on to the second floor where you will find a family room at the top of the stairs.  There are three bedrooms with one of the bedrooms having a study and an ensuite bathroom.  The other two bedrooms share a bathroom, which they enter from the family room.  In the family room, there is an open area where you can see below the entryway.

Two Story Barndominium Floor Plans -Example-2 Plan-117-2nd floor

Two-Story Barndominium Floor Plans Example 3 – Floor Plan 118

These two-story barndominium floor plans are side by side so you can get a better idea of how they will look together. On the first floor, there is a driveway to park your car but no garage.  There is also a front and rear garden.  When you walk into your home, you step into the living and dining area off which is the kitchen.  This one also has a basement, with the stairs being off the kitchen.

Two Story Barndominium Floor Plans -Example-3 Plan-118

On the first floor, are three bedrooms with a shared bathroom that also appears to be a guest bathroom.  It is entered off a hallway. The stairs to the upper level appear to be in the middle before you go down the hallway to the bedrooms.  On the second floor, you have a recreation room, a living room, and a bedroom with a bathroom along with a utility room.  This is not a very well-thought-out floor plan

Two-Story Barndominium Floor Plans Example 4 – Floor Plan 119

Here is another set of two-story barndominium floor plans shown side-by-side.  With this one. You have a two-car garage that leads into a hallway off which there is a half bath for guests.  Off the kitchen are the stairs leading to the second floor.  When you come into your barndominium through the entryway, off to the side is a study, and on the other side is the family room/dining area.  These two rooms are divided by a fireplace.

Two Story Barndominium Floor Plans -Example-4 Plan-119

On the second floor, you walk into a game room and game extension.  To one side are two bedrooms with a shared bath that is entered from the hallway.  There is a utility room with laundry off the same hallway.  This was not thought out because who wants to go up and down the stairs to do laundry, especially if you have a large family and do a lot of laundry.  At the other end, is the master suite with a balcony.

Two-Story Barndominium Floor Plans Example 5 – Floor Plan 120

With this floor plan, you walk into an entryway off which is the guest bathroom and closet. There are also stairs leading to the second floor.  Straight ahead is the great room.  To one side is the master suite and the dining room and kitchen are off to the other side.

Two Story Barndominium Floor Plans -Example-5 Plan-120

On the second floor is an open area and a balcony that you can look over to see the entryway below.  To one side are a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and two bedrooms on the other side that share a jack-and-jill bathroom.

Two-Story Barndominium Floor Plans Example 6 – Floor Plan 121

This floor plan offers a covered front porch and a two-car garage.  When you enter the foyer, there are stairs that lead to the second floor.  Off to the side is the great room.  You then have the dining area and kitchen.  From either the garage or the kitchen you enter the laundry room and guest bathroom.  The guest bathroom is misplaced and should be easier to get to.

Two Story Barndominium Floor Plans -Example-6 Plan-121

On the second floor, you step into a hallway off which is the bathroom for the two bedrooms there.  On the other side of the second floor is the master suite.  There is also an open area looking down to the main floor foyer.


As you can see from these six two-story barndominium floor plans that there are a lot of variations, some good and some not so good.  Most took great advantage of the extra space the second floor afforded them.  We also covered the average cost per square foot and some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing two-story barndominium floor plans.

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