50×50 Barndominium Floor Plans: Map Concept & Drawing

Are the children tired of sharing the same room with their siblings?  Would you like to have a bedroom for each of them?

Do you work at home off your kitchen table because there is no other space?  Are you ready to build a new alternative home?

The answer to these questions is simple.  Build a barndominium from scratch or from a kit. 

For one to fit all the bedrooms and office you need, you would need to look at 50×50 Barndominium Floor Plans.  This one can be three or four bedrooms and generally, they are less expensive to build than a traditional house.

When you build a barndominium, you can choose the layout that best suits your family’s needs.

A 50×50 barndominium has approximately 2,500 square feet of living space.  How much you would have depends on the layout.

Read on to see some of the floor plans for this barndominium.

Building a 50×50 Barndominium Floor: Things to Know Before

What the barndominium sits on is not really the floor, it is the foundation.  There are some that like concrete floors and will keep them like that.

The barndominium needs to sit on some type of foundation to ensure that it will be a stable home and not sink or become uneven if the ground shifts.

Building a 50x50 Barndominium Floor

Before you build your barndominium floor, you have to decide if you want a solid foundation, one with a crawl space, or even a basement.

Having a basement can add to the barndominium resale value.

If you are building your barndominium from scratch, doing a lot of the work yourself, pouring the foundation is something a contractor should do.

They have the experience to make sure it will pass the inspection.

The first thing to do is prepare the land for the foundation.  This means making sure it is level, with no tree roots or anything that might damage the floor after it has been poured.

The contractor will build a frame for the concrete and makes sure it is reinforced with rebar.  After the concrete is poured, you will have to let it cure for three to nine days.

Then you can start building your barndominium on the concrete slab.

50×50 Barndominium Floor Plans With Map And Drawing

Below are some of these floor plans that offer you three or four bedrooms, maybe an office.

Depending on the layout, you can have 2,500 square feet or more of living space.

Look the floor plans over, list the pros and cons of each one, and then make your decision.

50x50 Barndominium Floor Plans

50×50 Barndominium Example 1 – Floor Plan 018

This 50×50 barndominium floor plan gives you 2,500 square feet of living space.  There are four bedrooms, including the master bedroom.

The one thing I do not like about this floor plan is that no guest bathroom is easily accessible.  You have to go through the mudroom to reach it.

50x50 Barndominium Example 1-Plan 018

The kitchen is large with a pantry.  The open concept has been used perfectly.  There is a small dining area and a very large family area.

When working in the kitchen you can see into the living area and dining area.  For the size, there is a lot of living space, and is a floor plan I would consider using.

50×50 Barndominium Example 2 – Floor Plan 019

With this 50×50 barndominium floor plan, the living space has not been used wisely.  There are only two bedrooms, one being the master bedroom.

I would not really call it a master bathroom because it looks like a regular bathroom in size and fixtures.

50x50 Barndominium Example 2-Plan 019

Off the living area is the pantry, which is a bit of a distance from the kitchen.  There is no dining area or room for one.

The master bedroom is also not the size you would call a master bedroom  This is not a floor plan I would choose, and it looks too crowded, and it was not designed well either.

50×50 Barndominium Example 3 – Floor Plan 021

This 50×50 barndominium floor plan is laid out like the one above.  What makes it different is the bedrooms are larger but the kitchen and living room are smaller.

The pantry is also on the other side of the hall.  It does not matter if you change the size of the rooms, there is still no dining area, and it is only two bedrooms.

50x50 Barndominium Example 3-Plan 021

They do have what they are calling a dining island but that is not big enough to do much entertaining.

There is a covered porch, which maybe could have been made smaller and used some of that room for another bedroom.  I would not choose this floor plan.

Can I Build a 50×50 Barndominium House at Lower Budget?

It depends on what you are referring to as a lower budget.  On average most barndominiums cost over $200,000.

There are some that are cheaper, but they have very little square footage of living space.

If you are considering a one-bedroom barndominium, you might be able to get it in your lower budget range.

With this, it would be basic furnishing and appliances.

In addition to having a barndominium built, you need to figure in the concrete for the floor, labor, and other materials.

To find one in your budget you may have to look at several floor plans to find the one that suits your needs.


Only one of these 50×50 Barndominium Floor Plans use the space wisely and gives the owner of the barndominium an open concept.

In this article you will learn about barndominium floors, and if you can afford a barndominium on a lower budget.

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