Grey Barndominium – Why is it So Special?

The grey Barndominium.  Why is it called that?  What makes it so special?  The Grey Barndominium was an old barn nestled in Massachusetts in Dukes County but is there more history behind this story?

The Grey Barndominium came about because of a family named Molly and Eric Glasgow who were living in London before they moved to the United States. They wanted to own a farmhouse but had no idea how hard it would be to work a dairy farm that had not been in operations since 1961.

In this article, you will learn more about the grey barndominium and what makes it so special.  We will show you different areas of the inside and outside of this type of barndominium.  The article will also cover some of the background of how it came to be.

Grey Barndominium

The old barn in Dukes County, Massachusetts was inspired by European farmhouses, which were called the Grey Barn.  When Molly and Eric Glasgow bought the farm, they went to Hutker Architects to bring it to life and make it a place for a family of four to live.  It was turned into an elegant yet minimalist home.  Hutker Architect suggested that they make the structure long and low.

Grey Barndominium

The inspiration for the project was the traditional European barn architecture but it had been retrofitted into a beautiful home.  For the inside, they used reclaimed floors and timbers to give it a rustic look.  The home features clean, simple lines.  The inside has no color making it a great choice with the natural wood floors and exposed beams.  The grey barndominium is an example of minimalism and simplicity.

Grey Barndominium Front

The barndominium has grey exterior color with a light grey roof.  Another great feature of this unique barndominium is the wainscoting, which is a type of wall paneling.  It is used to protect the exterior walls from any hazards that could cause damage to any of the walls.  You can also find wainscoting inside.

The wainscoting can help to protect the exterior walls from mud, dirt, or unintentional scratches.  The type of wainscoting that is used is stone with light brown paneling.

Grey Barndominium Front Grey Barndominium side Front Grey Barndominiums Front

Grey Barndominium balconny

Grey Barndominium Back

The back of the grey barndominium does not have the stone wainscoting but does have a double door that leads out to a covered back patio/porch area.  The four windows will look out into the backyard that will be landscaped according to what the owner wants.

The patio/porch runs the entire length of the barndominium, giving you plenty of room to have family gatherings, complete with a barbeque, a couple of picnic tables, and plenty of space for chairs.  It is made of concrete with an overhang/roof held up by strong beams.  There are even lights in the ceiling.

Grey Barndominium Back Grey Barndominium balcony Grey Barndominium side Back

Grey Barndominium Indoor

The inside of the grey barndominium has an open concept plan.  When you step inside your home, you will step into the foyer.  It will lead you to an area that connects the dining, living, and kitchen area, which is what an open concept is.

Grey Barndominium Indoor

As you walk down the short foyer, you can see into the living and dining area along with the kitchen island in front of the kitchen.  You have large double doors that lead out to the back patio and back hard, which are flanked on each side by huge windows.  There is recessed lighting along with a nice fanlight over the living area.

Grey Barndominium Indoor interior

When you walk into this room, you will see a great-looking mosaic fireplace.  It is large enough that it will keep everyone warm during the cold winter months.  It is not only aesthetically beautiful but also very functional.  The light colors of the stones blend in with the rest of the snowy colors on the wall.  It faces the kitchen as you can see from the second picture.

Grey Barndominium Indoors interior

Grey Barndominiums Indoor interior

Grey Barndominium Kitchen

The kitchen in the grey barndominium is medium size but gives you enough room to move around and not feel closed in.  To the side, you have a small dining area and when preparing meals, you can converse with anyone in the living area.  Although it is not large, there is enough storage space.  It has a clean look due to the white cabinet drawers and doors.  The all-white kitchen makes it look brighter and bigger.

Grey Barndominium Kitchen

Another unique feather of this kitchen is the brick backsplash.  With the kitchen being all white, the backsplash makes the color pop and breaks up the isolated feeling you can get from a kitchen that is all white.  Although it looks like real bricks, it is a red faux backsplash.

Grey Barndominium Kitchen 1

The next picture shows how the kitchen opens up to the dining area, so it makes bringing things to the table easier.  You can also see how rustic the faux brick backsplash makes your kitchen look.

Grey Barndominium Kitchen 2 Grey Barndominium Kitchen 3

They have even used the red faux brick backsplash on the island behind the sink.  It gives this kitchen an old-world charm and goes well with the countertops.  When washing dishes or using the countertop to plate food or prepare food for cooking, you can still converse with those in the living area.

Grey Barndominium Kitchen 4

In the picture below you can see the length of the kitchen and how much room you have between the island and the back part of the kitchen.  There is plenty of counter space and the sink is a deep farmer’s sink.  It leads into the utility room.  Plenty of room for two to cook.

Grey Barndominium Bedrooms

These are the most essential rooms in a barndominium, so you want to make sure that you have adequate room in each one.  You want to make sure that the bedroom is cozy, inviting, and warm.  A grey barndominium has so much natural light coming in from the windows.  The floors are even carpeted.

In the picture below, there is also a bathroom attached.  When you walk in the door, the closet is right in front of you.  You walk in on hardwood floors that carry into the bathroom but then it becomes carpet when you go into the bedroom.  It is large enough for a full-size bed and dresser or a bunk bed.

Grey Barndominium Bedrooms

In the picture below is another bedroom, a little smaller than the one above.  It would make a good children’s room with a twin or set of bunk beds.  It does not show a closet so unsure if there is one or not.  The carpet in this room is a rich dark brown.

Grey Barndominium Bedrooms 1

This would most likely be the master bedroom or larger guest bedroom.  It could even be used for a playroom or office.  There is a lot of natural light coming in from all the windows in that room.  The lighter carpet compliments the wall color.

Grey Barndominium Bedrooms 2

The picture below has a very unique closet.  Inside you will find a chest of drawers with hanging space on each side.  There is also a shelf that extends on either side of the chest of drawers with space underneath for storage.  This is a great alternative when the room is a bit small, or you have bunk beds and want to give the children space to play in their bedroom.

Grey Barndominium Bedrooms 3

Grey Barndominium Bathroom

The bathrooms in a grey Barndominium generally have a walk-in shower and tub.  Some will have one sink while others will have a double sink.  All have nice tile floors and a mirror above the sink with plenty of counter space.

The first three pictures below give you different views of the same bathroom.  There is a nice soaking tub right next to the walk-in shower.  This bathroom in particular has ample counter space and storage for all your towels and such plus space for make-up and toiletries.  There is also a double sink and a long mirror.

Grey Barndominium Bathroom

Grey Barndominium Bathroom 1 Grey Barndominium Bathroom 2

The picture below shows a bathroom with a tub and a single sink.  This would most likely be what a second bathroom or one that is off the bedroom would be like.  It still has a beautiful countertop and tile floors.  It is what the builders call a common bathroom.  There is still enough storage and counter space with a hanging cabinet.

Grey Barndominium Utility Room

The utility room has the same beautiful wooden floors you find throughout the grey barndominium.  Inside tucked into the back of the room are the washer and dryer.  Along the wall are numerous shelves that you can use as a pantry plus store your laundry supplies.

Grey Barndominium Utility Room


The grey barndominium offers you a simple, minimalistic look with plain paint colors and a rustic look with the stone fireplace.  In this article, you can see different views of what the grey barndominium looks like.  You also see what the outside looks like with the beautiful wainscot and ample room for family gatherings.

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