How Much Is a 2000 Sq Foot Barndominium? [Cost in 2022]

You have a nice land on which you will build your dream home.

You have been looking at various barndominium floor plans and have decided on one that is 2000 square feet, which will fit your family of four.

Now comes the part most people like to think about the price.

How much is a 2000 sq foot barndominium? 

On average, you can figure $250,000, but the actual cost will depend on several factors. These factors include furnishings, labor, cost per square foot, appliances, and more. 

It also depends on whether you use a kit and do most of the work or build it from the ground up using a contractor.

In this article, we will cover what a 2000 sq foot barndominium costs and provide an example of a floor plan to help you see what you can get for your money.

We will cover the question of which is cheaper to build, a barndominium or a traditional house.

By the end of this article, you will be well informed about what it will cost for your dream home.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can purchase a shell or kit for as low as $10,000 and construct it for approximately $90,000 if you do most of the work.
  • Barndominiums average $70-$90 per square foot, and a traditional home middle $115-$125 per square foot.
  • Financing can be difficult for barndominiums because some financial institutions do not consider them a house.
  • 2000 square feet is equal to a 40 ft x 50 ft home

Is It Cheaper To Build A Barndominium Than A House?

The simple answer is yes, it is cheaper to build a barndominium than a house. On average, you can save about $45 per square foot.

When you look at the cost of a traditional home, most of the cost goes into the exterior framing of the walls, including the doors and windows.

Then the walls will need to be covered outside with vinyl siding, stone, or brick. There is also the cost of the roof.

Is It Cheaper To Build A Barndominium Than A House

In a barndominium, you pay for the shell, which includes the roof and exterior walls.

This will save you money. You can also save money if you do some of the building of the barndominium yourself, subcontracting the work you cannot do, like electrical and plumbing.

A barndominium can cost $150,000, while a traditional home averages $295,000.

That is almost double what a barndominium would cost, but it all depends on the above factors. Below is a chart to show the average prices.

Existing home$223,000$148 per square foot
New home$289,000$103 per square foot
Barndominium turn-key$220,000$140 per square foot
Barndominium shell/kit$50,000$20 per square foot

How Much Is A 2000 Sq Foot Barndominium?

What it will cost to build a 2000 sq foot barndominium will depend on which state you are building it in, any permits and inspections needed, hiring a contractor or doing most of the work yourself, and more.

The chart below approximates the different costs to give you a general idea of the expenses involved in the final cost of your 2000 sq foot barndominium.

2000 Sq Foot Barndominium Cost
2000 Sq Foot Barndominium Cost

For land, most will choose to have two acres or more.

A standard barndominium kit includes framed openings for doors and windows, exterior walls, siding, steel columns, roof, and all the hardware.

A customized barndominium kit will include everything.

Even if you do most of the work yourself, you will still have to hire licensed professionals for electrical work, HVAC, plumbing, etc.

A turn-key 2,000 square foot barndominium includes stained concrete floors, double pane windows, electric and plumbing, custom countertops, and cabinets, insulation and drywall, water and heat pumps, and HVAC systems.

When buying a barndominium kit, there may also be a delivery fee, costing $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the company you purchase your kit from.

Clearing the land can be more if you remove tree stumps, level it, remove a lot of rocks, and more.

Land (if you do not have it) $3,000 per acre
Floor plans$1,500-$2,000
Customized floor plans$4,500 Average
General barndominium kit$50-$100 per sq foot
Customized barndominium kit$150,000-$350,000
Hiring a licensed professional$85-$95 per square foot
General contractor to do all work$150-$190 per square foot
2000 sq foot shell$40,000-$80,000
Concrete slab, 6 inches thick$6.00 per square foot
Turn-key barndominium 2,000 sq feet$200,000 or an average of $100 per square foot
Labor to erect kit, including equipment$10-$20 per square foot
Clear the land to make it suitable to build on$500-$8,000 or $2 per square foot on average
Additional Expenses if Buying a ShellAverage Cost
 Electrical outlets, setting up appliances, circuit panels, laborS4 per square foot
Water—cooper pipes, hookups for bathroom and kitchen$4.50 per square foot
Windows and doors$20,000
Countertops, appliances, cabinets$60,000 or higher
Flooring, wood$8.00 per square foot
Extra costs, such as insulation$500-$3,500 per square foot

Factors That Affect Barndominium Construction Cost

Many different factors can affect the barndominium construction.

 Barndominium Construction
Barndominium Construction

Square footage Area

When you look at the price per square footage, it may sound cheap, but to get the actual cost, you would need to take the cost per square footage and multiply it by the number of square feet of your barndominium.

For example, if the cost of square footage was $30 and you wanted a 2,000-square-foot barndominium, the cost would be $60,000.

This would not include all the extras like appliances, water, electrical, plumbing, etc. This price is just for the basic shell.

Land Price

The cost of land would depend on where you are building your barndominium.

It varies not only from state to state but also from county to county in that state.

You would generally pay less for land in a remote area than land with access to local amenities, easy access to highways, and more.

Material Type and Quality

Materials can also be higher in some areas than others, with Hawaii being a prime example. The material costs there are high. The cost of materials will also depend on the quality.

If you use the least expensive material, it may not hold up as well as those made of quality, so it may be better to use quality material.

One of the costliest materials for building a barndominium is steel frames, but they help a barndominium last longer, require less maintenance, and more.

Labor Cost

You will save on labor if you do most of the work yourself. You will have to hire licensed professionals for electrical, HVAC, and plumbing.

You will pay for permits, inspections, and materials if you do the work yourself.

When you hire a contractor, most will charge per hour, which will be determined where you are building your barndominium.

One thing to note is that building a barndominium will take less time and labor to build.

Unlimited Options for Extras

This can include adding a garage, workshop, high-end appliances, skylights, driveways, large porches, and more. You also have to figure out the cost of the plans and permits.

Example Floor Plan For A 2000 Sq Foot Barndominium

With this floor plan, they added a fourth bedroom, which could also be used as an office instead if you work at home.

It could also be a game or family room, or guest bedroom. This is the common open-concept floor plan with a large family/living room and well-designed kitchen.

You can go with a 40 x 50-floor plan, a 30 x 50-floor plan, or a plan that has a shop. No matter what you go for, ensure you have the evaluation factors in determining the final price.

Floor Plan For A 2000 Sq Foot Barndominium
Floor Plan For A 2000 Sq Foot Barndominium


How much a 2000 sq foot barndominium will cost depends on a lot of factors, which have been covered in this article.

There could be unexpected added expenses, whether you are building a barndominium or a traditional home.

To answer the question, a 2000 sq foot barndominium can average $60,000 for a shell or $200,000 for a turn-key barndominium.

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