How Much Does a 30×30 Concrete Slab Cost for A Barndominium?

Barndominium has, over the years, become a popular alternative housing option. Due to its stable build, a barndominium presents the perfect solution for building construction. However, learning the financial implications is one of the core things to have first-hand knowledge of before making any setup. Hence, when it comes to the cost implication, it is crucial to know how much a 30×30 concrete slab costs for a barndominium depending on its dimensions measured per square foot.

The highest cost of building a barndominium involves the purchase of metal shells, doors, and windows. Making a 30×30 concrete slab for a barndominium costs 4 to 8 dollars per square foot. The metal siding, fencing, patios, and landscaping are other factors that may also affect a barndominium cost.

This guide will delve deeper into the subject matter, ensuring readers understand the cost of concrete slabs for a barndominium.

What Is a Concrete Slab?

A concrete slab is an essential structural element. It is deployed in creating flat and valuable surfaces for construction. Concrete slabs have a horizontal structural component. The top and the bottom of a concrete slab are horizontal to each other. These slabs may be assisted on each of their sides or with beams on all sides. Also, their depth is small compared to their width.

What Is a Concrete Slab

Concrete slabs may be supported using masonry, columns, structural steel members, the ground, etc. These come either in situ or in a prefabricated state. Concrete slabs that come in situ are produced using formwork. The form works are made using wood or plastic and steel.

However, concrete slabs aided by foundations are used on many domestic and industrial buildings. These kinds of slabs are described as bearing or suspended. Below are some standard concrete slab designs used in multi-story buildings.

Hollow Core Slab

A hollow-core slab is very popular in northern Europe, where engineers place a lot of emphasis on building homes using precast concrete. A hollow core slab, which is precast concrete, is perfect for areas that have low seismic activity and less money to spend. This is because they are easy to use on buildings and have lower weights.

Tubular voids extend the entire length of a hollow core slab with a diameter equal to ⅔ and ¾ of the slab thickness. These dimensions give the hollow core slab remarkable light weightedness. The lightweight of the hollow core slab comes with its advantages, such as reduced cost of transportation. However, one of the significant disadvantages is that it would not hold up when heavier construction is needed.

Beam And Block

Unlike the hollow core slab, beams and blocks are used in residential and industrial buildings. It is made of hollow blocks and stressed beams. There are temporarily propped until set after 21 days. In some countries, the shaft and block are called lintel and block. These countries utilize the standard 21 days propping while others opt for the non-prop system. The prop system uses light beams, and the prop line allows for structural cross support. On the other hand, the non-prop design incorporates heavy inverted T-beams.

Beam and block are very versatile for achieving complex designs. It is easily understood by most constructors and also very cost-efficient. One of the significant differences between the beam and block concrete slab and the hollow core slab is the polystyrene blocks.

Cast In-situ

Cast In-situ concrete slabs are popularly used in tall towers and skyscrapers. The much thinner precast concrete is used between the steel frames to form the floors and ceilings on each of the casts. There are usually cast on-site using reinforced steel and shutter. This type of concrete slab is commonly used within the exterior and interior walls because the precast concrete is produced in a controlled environment.

How Much Does a 30×30 Concrete Slab Cost?

A 30×30 concrete slab will cost between 4 and 8 dollars per square foot. One can expect the average per square foot to be around 6 dollars. When calculated using the national average in mind, the average cost for a 30×30 concrete slab is about 5,400 dollars.

How Much Does a 30×30 Concrete Slab Cost

When seeking answers to the question, how much does a 30×30 concrete slab cost for a barndominium? It is important to note that certain factors influence the price. Below are some of the factors that influence the cost of a 6 dollar concrete slab.

  • Fiber meshing in concrete. Fiber meshing is vital for extra reinforcement.
  • The cost of labor. The concrete price will be affected when a person considers the cost of labor to pour and finish the concrete slab.
  • A row of rebar. The row of rebar will be added to the inside perimeter of the concrete slab.
  • A concrete with ¾ inches of crushed stone and six inches of 3000 PSI.

Despite all of these factors, the cost may vary depending on the buyer’s location. The list will be further lowered to pinpoint precisely four things that determine the cost of a 30×30 concrete slab. The following paragraph will spell them out.

  • Additional Features
  • Preparing The Site
  • Costs of material and labor
  • The thickness dimensions of the concrete slab.

The thickness of the slab has a significant impact on the total cost. Basically, the thicker the slab, the more expensive it is. Below are some good examples.

  • Six inches= 3.57 dollars per square foot.
  • Five inches= 3.20 dollars per square foot.
  • Four inches= 2.83 dollars per square foot.

The performance of extra site duties such as leveling the ground and clearing grasses and stumps can also add to the cost of the 30×30 concrete slab. Instead of going for a basic slab, buyers can throw in extra features. The following paragraph will highlight some of the extra features one can get on a 30×30 slab.

  • Thicker edges increase the price by one dollar.
  • The vapor barrier will increase the slab price by 0.50 dollars per square foot.
  • People that desire a Styrofoam layer under the concrete slab will have to pay an extra two dollars per square foot.
  • A reinforced wire mesh will push up the concrete slab price by 0.40 dollars per square foot.
  • If the 30×30 concrete slab is textured or concrete, the price will go up by four dollars per foot.

Cost Calculator

Below is an estimated calculation of the costs for a 30×30 concrete slab using an average cost of $6.88, $10.47, and $14.61. The difference in cost range depicts the quality of materials and job.

Regular Better Best
Material prices for Concrete Slabs. $1665.00






The Installation cost for Concrete Slabs. $4050.00






Total cost for Concrete Slabs. $5715.00






Total Average Cost per square foot for Concrete Slabs. $6.88 $10.47 $14.61

What Is  Included in The Slab Price?

The cost of labor is one of the factors that is included in the price of the slab. So, when looking to purchase a slab, do well to factor in the cost of hiring a laborer who will pour and set the slab. Fortunately, the cost of a concrete slab when labor is included still falls within the 4 to 8 dollar range.

What Is Not Included in The Slab Prices?

Transportation does not inherently increase the price of slabs. The cost of transportation has already been factored in in the 4 to 8 dollar mark. So, when a person is about to make a slab purchase, the seller will most likely have a means of transporting down the items to the buyer’s destination. Material and size are other cost factors when buying a concrete slab. However, these aren’t the only factors that impact the cost of a slab. Explained below are other factors that play a significant role in the cost of a concrete slab.


Concrete slabs come in varying thicknesses, suited for whatever project they are getting used for. The price may be slightly impacted if the slab mix needs more cement or aggregate.


Most slabs have a mesh that aids in creating a stable base for the concrete to adhere to as it dries. However, if there is a need for any added stability, an extra wire mesh will have to be added for an increased cost of 0.34 dollars. Added rebar built in a grid structure will cost two to three dollars per square foot.

Types Of Finish

A concrete slab will look so much better when it is finished. There are several techniques that specialists use that will make the slab look like faux wood. If the slab is made for holding a shed upright, then a finish is not needed. Finishes come with an extra cost of about 12 to 18 dollars per square foot, so if the planned finish is not necessary, it is best to avoid it.

Land Preparation

The land geography that works well for a slab is flat leveled ground. If the ground is sloped, one might need to involve a structural engineer. Grading and leveling out the ground will incur extra costs added to the cost of the slab.

Grade Of Concrete

People that want their slab to last long will benefit from grading the concrete by employing the services of a concrete specialist to determine which kind of mix works best. People that wish to add a concrete wall on the slab’s edge will have to pay more money.


Concrete slabs are not only known for their sturdiness but their pocket-friendly cost. However, the cost may vary depending on various factors. Land preparation, finishing, and reinforcements are a few factors that impact the price of a concrete slab hence answering the question, how much does a 30×30 concrete slab cost for a barndominium.

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