How Much Does a 24×30 Concrete Slab Cost? [Price Per Sq Ft]

A concrete slab is the most crucial element of construction for a building. Its importance ranges from insulation, balance, and providing support for a building.

With the popularity of 24×30 barndominium houses, most builders have looked to concrete slabs as the ideal base for the house because of their rigidity.

This begs the question, how much does a 24×30 concrete slab cost for a barndominium?

The price of a 24×30 concrete slab varies on the materials among several other factors. These variations also determine the quality that the concrete slab has. It puts the estimate between $5 and $8 per square foot.

Below is a rundown of the several factors that lead to the estimated cost.

How Much Does A 24×30 Concrete Slab Cost Per Sq. Ft.?

Someone who wants to build a barndominium might ask how much a 24×30 concrete slab costs for a barndominium. On average, there is a slight difference in cost for a 24×30 concrete slab.

This variation depends on two major factors; the construction company one hires for the job and how thick the slab is going to be.

However, a concrete slab costs between $5 and $8 per square foot.

How Much Does A 24×30 Concrete Slab Cost

For a concrete slab of measurement 24×30, the values equate to 720 square feet. This means that the cost range for a 24×30 concrete slab is between $3600 and $5760.

This is the overall cost of everything like the concrete, labor, and materials.

A construction company can charge differently in terms of the thickness of the slabs as such:

  • For a 4-inch concrete slab – $2.83 per square foot
  • For a 5-inch concrete slab – $3.20 per square foot
  • For a 6-inch concrete slab – $3.57 per square foot

However, it is crucial to note that the thickness does not tell one slab’s superiority over another. There are situations where a 4 inches thick concrete slab is stronger than that of 6 inches.

And this increase in strength would also mean a price increase. One can increase the strength of slabs using several reinforcements like fiber, mesh wire, rebar, etc.

All these will determine the price of the slab. For example, a 4 inches rebar-reinforced slab is stronger than a fiber-reinforced 6 inches grade slab.

Still, even though the rebar reinforced 4 inches slab is pretty strong, it is not enough for a home, adding support beams to the concrete slab is another necessity.

Support beams ensure that the slab can completely support and withstand the tension from the house.

Compared to the figures above, there might be additional costs for support beams for one who wants to build a barndominium.

Although, it is possible to further cut the cost by doing it oneself. For instance, if the price it takes for construction workers to do the job is $5 per square foot, it may take $3 to do it oneself.

This means that one gets to save up to 40 percent on labor costs.

Bear in mind that hiring a contractor has its benefits as one avoids arduous labor and the risk of making a mistake that could ruin the work.

When pouring a concrete slab for a barndominium, hiring a contractor is often worth the extra cost.

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Estimating The Cost Of A 24×30 Concrete Slab

With all said, it is easy to get an estimated cost for a 24×30 concrete slab. It depends if one wants to get a contractor for the job or do it oneself.

To get the estimated cost for the foundation, one has to simply multiply the average cost of materials by the total square footage of the foundation.

For instance, if the average cost for a 4-inch slab in one’s area is $2.83, multiply the number by 720 square feet.

The answer will be $2037.6; that’s the total cost for a 24×30×4 concrete slab. The same thing applies to a 6-inch.

However, remember to include the reinforcements and other materials in the equation, like the vapor barrier and even the edges.

Material That Reduces The Cost Of Cement Concrete Slab

A common type of material many people use to reduce the cost of a concrete slab is a bubble deck. A bubble deck slab is a hollow, flat slab that stretches in two directions.

It consists of plastic balls that replace and eliminate the concrete in the middle of a slab.

It is pretty helpful as it significantly reduces the amount of concrete one will need for a foundation.

What Type Of Material Reduces The Cost Of Cement Concrete Slab

People also supplement a proportion of cement with slag, ash, and fume; several other additives exist. However, whichever one chooses, it is crucial to consult a civil engineer to know the implications and if it is okay or not.

Cost Calculator

The table below is an estimated calculation of the costs for a 24×30 concrete slab using an average cost of $6.88, $10.47, and $14.61.

The variation in the average cost depicts the quality of the job and materials:

Regular Better Best
Material prices for Concrete slabs $1332






Installation cost for Concrete Slabs $3240






Total Cost for

Concrete Slabs







Total Average cost per square foot for Concrete Slabs $6.88 $10.47 $14.61

Cost Comparison

Below is a graphical comparison between the national average and national cost ranges.

National Average Range

$5350.80 – $6473.62

One’s estimate

Concrete Slab National Average Cost

The table below shows the national average material cost and labor for a 720 square foot cement slab.

National Avg. Materials cost per square foot. $1.76
National Avg. Cost of labour and materials for 720 square feet. $5,912.21
National cost range of labor and materials for 720 square feet. $5350.80 –


What Are Some Other Things that Would Add to The Cost?

When it comes to the increase in the cost of concrete slabs, various elements add up to the cost. There are;

Land preparation

If the location of the land to lay the concrete slab is not flat, it poses a problem. First, the construction worker has to fill up and grade the land to work on the sloppy ground.

Excavation and extra gravel will cost extra. Of course, it is crucial to note that not all concrete workers offer excavation services.

This means that there might be a need to call another team for the project.

The finishing

If one intends to give the work an extra finish, it calls for an additional cost. It might be a shiny or protective coating. Some people also prefer to go for colored concrete slabs as well.


As earlier stated, the type of reinforcement one chooses is a major determinant of how strong the slab will be.

There are three major types; rebar, fiber, and wire mesh. Fiber mesh reinforcements are cheaper. This means that if one requests a rebar, there is likely going to be an increase in cost.

Weather proofs

Certain regions require several weatherproofs to keep the harsh climate conditions away.

For example, concrete slab workers in cold areas use 2-inch styrofoam to keep the ground insulated. Places that have a bed with a high water table also use vapor barriers.

Vapor barriers aim to keep moisture away, especially in the presence of a hot climate.

Equipment to work with

If the location of the slab is at a place that is hard to reach, the normal concrete truck will not suffice for the job. There is going to be a need for a pump truck. A pump truck can raise the cost to about $700 to $1000.


For anyone wondering, how much does a 24×30 concrete slab cost for a bardominium? The answer to the question is not precise. There are several factors involved that one must consider in terms of quality and resources. This info is a summary estimate that’ll help narrow down the cost one can afford.

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