Can a Barndominium Withstand a Hurricane? [Survival Techniques]

As the frequency of natural disasters increases in some countries, building hurricane-proof structures has become an urgent need for homeowners.

Hence, when it comes to the durability implication, it is crucial to have an answer to the question, can a barndominium withstand a hurricane.

The answer is dependent on if the barndominium features reinforced steel.

The good news is that a barndominium can survive both a hurricane and a severe storm.

However, the stability of the structure depends on various factors like thick walls, strong steel, and high-quality windows.

Also, the quality of materials used during its build will determine if the condominium will withstand strong winds and last for over 50 or 100 years.

This guide will provide readers with adequate information about the durability of a barndominium during a hurricane.

Key Takeaways

  • Steel barndominium can withstand a hurricane.
  • Installing impact-resistant windows will help improve the strength of a barndominium.
  • Rain and hurricanes will quickly weaken the foundation of a barndominium if it isn’t built on a concrete slab.
  • It is a good idea to reinforce the walls of a barndominium built in a hurricane-prone area.

A barndominium will typically withstand some of the harshest weather conditions. People that want a sturdy barndominium must ensure that it is well constructed.

The barndominium must have a steel frame with thick walls and solid doors and windows.

The good thing about choosing a barndominium over wood is that they offer better protection against strong winds.

Can a Barndominium Withstand a Hurricane And Survive?

A stable barndominium is built with heavy metal frames. If the barndominium is made with heavy metal frames, the better the chances of it withstanding substantial winds uplift.

Can a Barndominium Withstand a Hurricane

Survival Techniques: How Your Barndominium Can Withstand Hurricanes

Indeed, barndominiums are generally safe. However, during or before a hurricane, it is essential to take some extra protective measures.

It is also advisable to employ the services of an experienced contractor when one is constructing their barndominium.

The following paragraph will answer the question: can a barndominium withstand a hurricane? By highlighting simple steps to reinforce them.

How Your Barndominium Can Withstand Hurricanes

Take Corrosion Protection

When a barndominium starts to erode, the structural integrity can no longer be trusted. That is why it is recommended that barndominium owners regularly check for corrosion.

Corrosion will occur when metal goes through a process of oxidation. The steel frame will rust if there are leaks and condensation inside the walls.

Hence, a good barndominium should have several features that protect against moisture.

Good siding, roofing, and metal elements are galvanized to reduce the risk of corrosion.

Regularly cleaning the gutters on the barndominium will have a significant impact on reducing corrosion.

The drain may sometimes get clogged with debris. Clogged gutters will create an avenue for rainwater to collect along the sides of the barndominium, weakening the foundation.

Barndominium owners should check their gutters by flushing them with a spray hose.

If the water flows, then the drain is not clogged. However, if the sprayed water remains stagnant, they may have a clogged gutter on their hands.

Utilizing Impact Resistant Windows

A barndominium window may shatter when it comes in contact with solid winds from hurricanes.

However, a Dp-50 window to withstand high wind impacts will guarantee optimal protection.

These windows are produced using two panes of glass, and both panes are shatter-resistant glass.

Impact-resistant windows are usually built with a steel frame.

Although metal frames are costly compared to vinyl and wood, there presents a better option when faced with hurricanes.

Owners of the impact windows can close the shutters if they anticipate a storm.

In states like Florida, barndominiums must have impact-resistant windows.

Using A Gentle Slope Roof

The roofs of the barndominium are made with metal roofs, and there provide more protection when compared to asphalt.

A roof with taller pitches is generally more prone to danger during a hurricane.

Utilizing a lower pitch roof is one of the answers to the question, can a barndominium withstand a storm.

The low pitch roof allows wind to glide over the top gently.

Therefore, it is recommended that the roof have a slope of not more than 30 degrees.

The 7/12 roof pitch is commonly used in residential areas. But they are a bit tall to be effective on barndominiums. Instead, gable roofs with 3/12 or 5/12 are used on barndominiums.

Clearing The Trees Around The Barndominium

The likelihood of trees falling on a barndominium during a hurricane is high. Nearby structures will pose a significant concern in the event of a hurricane or tornado.

The steel protection offered by barndominiums will not hold if trees are directly thrown onto the structure during a windstorm.

Guiede: How to Make a Hurricane-Resilient Barndominium During Construction

One of the best answers to the question of can a barndominium withstand a hurricane is adding a few protective measures and designs.

By reinforcing them, a barndominium can go on to become resistant to even severe storms. There are simple things one can do to make a hurricane resilient during construction.

How to Make a Hurricane-Resilient Barndominium During Construction

Ensure That The Barndominium Has Strong Beams

Steel has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, making steel very durable as a construction material. Steel can withstand flying debris and strong winds typical of a hurricane.

Even though experts believe that concrete offer better resistance to tornadoes, steel is a more practical option.

Most barndominiums are made out of steel or wood, depending on what the owner wants.

Wood is a strong material, but when tested against high-velocity winds, it falls short.

However, a steel barndominium is guaranteed to offer far better protection because steel is already wind resistant by default.

Barndominium owners that live in areas with frequent hurricanes must ensure that the walls of their barndominium are sturdy.

They must reinforce the structure with solid and thick poles, preferably made of steel or wood.

Ensure Thick Walls

If a barndominium is well customized, it will withstand extreme natural disasters.

For the barndominium to resist strong winds, there must be a reinforced solid steel armor plate supporting the regular steel walls of the barndominium.

The reinforced solid steel armor can be cut and welded to the regular steel walls. This will increase strength, thickness, and durability.

Anchored Roofing To Stick Tight

Engineers have proven that a hip roof is the best use in high wind and areas prone to hurricanes. It is vital to ensure that the top is well anchored to the barndominium.

If the wind acts negatively on the roof, the rest of the structure may come crashing down.

The roofs are usually nailed to the barndominium. There are also attached using fasteners with screws.

To provide an extra layer of protection, one can use metal straps to anchor the barndominium to the building.

The anchoring will prevent the roof from getting torn off from the barndominium. Failure to properly secure the roof will drastically affect the barndominium if a hurricane hits.

Solid Foundation Is the Key

Thankfully, barndominiums are built on solid concrete slabs. So, the foundations of an average barndominium should be rock solid.

People must ensure that their foundations are solid because heavy rain and winds can easily cause soil erosion.

If the foundation is weak, frequent rain and wind will easily affect the structure of the building.

So, for people living in areas with torrential downpours of rain, it is of utmost importance that they secure their barndominium foundation.

Final Thoughts

Barndominiums are generally sturdy and safe. However, people that live in areas prone to hurricanes may want to reinforce their structures thoroughly.

Simple steps like constructing a solid foundation and properly anchoring a barndominium roof provides an answer to the concern of can a  barndominium withstand a hurricane?

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