How Much Are Barndominium Kits? [Cost Breakdown]

Barndominiums have become popular over the years as people seek more convenient ways to build new homes.

Thanks to technology, the building process of barndominiums are now simple with the introduction of barndominium kits.

One only needs to transport the kits to the site and place the components on the foundation to complete a barndominium.

However, one might wonder if the easy accessibility calls for an extra cost. Which begs the question, how much are barndominium kits?

Barndominium kits are not expensive. The kits cost between $20 and $140 per square foot.

However, several factors can affect their costs, such as type of kit, design, size of the building, and a few other factors.

This guide will explain the several factors that can affect the cost of a barndominium kit.

Key Points

  • Barndominium kits consist of the major building parts of a barndominium.
  • The two types of barndominium kits are the Metal and Wooden building kit.
  • Metal barndominium kits cost between $60 and $140 per square foot.
  • Wooden barndominium kits cost between $20 and $140 per square foot.

What Is A Barndominium Kit & What It Does?

With barndominium kits constituting the main tool of a barndominium, one might be curious about what they are or their role in the building.

Barndominium kits consist of the main building parts that a builder requires to build a barndominium. Some builders also refer to it as barndominium shells.

What Is A Barndominium Kit

There are two types of barndominium kits; a metal and a wooden building kit. A metal kit consists of prefab steel, while a wooden building kit consists of prefab wood.

The kit also comes in different sizes depending on the barndo one wants to build. There are sizes like 40 × 60, 30 × 40, 60×70, etc.

One can contact the manufacturers for a custom design as well.

Barndominium kits are what make the building of barndominiums easy. Since the kits are prefabricated in a company, one only has to order and send them to the site of work.

The designs of the component are unique and one only has to piece the components of the kit together, also it doesn’t need much work.

Although, one still has to consider other works like plumbing, insulation, and wiring. To check out different designs of a few kits, check “here.”

Barndominium kits have several benefits compared to other regular building materials. A few of them are:

Faster Construction

Barndominium kits come in handy to speed up the building process. One has to only buy the kit from a manufacturer and assemble them.

What’s more, it is easy for anyone with construction experience to assemble the components of the kits.

However, it is crucial if one has no experience or license to leave it for a contractor as it takes proper planning and understanding using a  barndominium kit.


Before companies send the kits to clients, they make sure to check the strength of every component through several tests.

This is to ensure that the client doesn’t end up with half-baked materials that can affect the integrity of the building.

There is also a guarantee that everything will fit when one receives the components like roofs and doors. At the end of the day, one wouldn’t need to do much work.

However, this is not the same for custom designs. With custom designs, there are likely going to be a few errors in the barndominium kit.

That’s why one has to employ the designer of the barndominiums plan for the building process.

Building Visibility

Because the design of the kits all have the same structure, one can easily have a good idea of what they want to build.

It’s also possible to compare barndominiums kits by merely looking at the barndominiums.

Factors Affecting The Price of Barndominium Kits?

The prices of barndominiums are indeed pretty low, but the cost of getting one can vary. Several factors can affect the price of barndominiums kits.

A few of them are:

Factors Affecting The Price of Barndominium Kits

The Size Of The Barndominium

This is the first and major factor one must consider when buying a barndominium kit.

A barndominium kit for a 1200 square feet building will cost less than that of 2400 square feet.

The bigger barndominium will also require more windows, walls, and other building components. One also has to consider the number of stories in the building.

If one opts for several stories, it can affect the cost of the kit.

Number Of Exterior Windows And Doors

The more doors and windows one wants to add to the barndominium, the higher the cost of the barndominium kit.

Exterior doors and windows need metal framing and paneling as well. These features all add to the bill to increase the cost of the kit.

The Type Of Kit

The type of kit one orders will also affect the price of barndominium kits. For instance, a wooden building kit is cheaper than a metal kit.

A wooden building kit can cost between $2 and $6 per square foot. On the other hand, a metal building kit cost as high as $7 to $25 per square foot.

However, it is crucial to know that a metal barndominium structure is quite more durable than the other.

A wooden structure will need a lot of maintenance, which can cause future expenses for one.


The location where one plans to build the barndominium can also affect the price of the kit.

The cost of the barndominium varies depending on how close the site is to the city or company.

The farther the site is from the company, the more expensive the cost will be. Many companies tend to increase the cost of kits by including shipping fees.

Even though a lot of barndo kit manufacturing companies claim to offer free delivery, they find a way to incorporate the bills into the cost of the barndominium kits.

Roof Design

With the barndominium kit, one can order a customized roof design with massive ceiling beams and this makes the condominium even more special and spacious.

It may appear incomplete without the soaring ceiling. However, whichever ceiling design one chooses, will affect the cost of the barndominium kit.

How Much Are Barndominium Kits?

Knowing what barndominium kits are and the possible factors that can affect the cost, one might want to know the actual cost of kits.

Which begs the question, how much are barndominium kits?  The estimated cost of buying a metal barndominium kit is between $60 and $140 per square foot.

However, the cost of a wooden barndominium kit is between $20 and $140 per square foot. What this means is that one can get a barndominium with a basic design for $10,000.

To get a kit with quality custom designs, one has to budget over $150,000 to $200,00 for a 2000 square feet barndominium.

How Much Are Barndominium Kits

Several components make up the cost of barndominium kits. Although, the component of the kit depends on how big the project is and the manufacturing company one orders the kit from.

On average, there are components like:

  • A detailed instruction guide.
  • Exterior doors.
  • Pre-fabricated wood or pre-fabricated metal walls.
  • A tool kit list.
  • Prefab metal roofing.


Thinking of building a barndominium, researching, how much are barndominium kits? The kits are pretty cheap. It costs between $20 and $140 to buy a barndominium kit.

However, several factors can affect the cost. Get a clue to help figure out an estimated kit cost for a barndo via this guide.

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