7 Attractive 4 Bedroom Barndominium Plans With Cost Options

When talking about 4-bedroom barndominium plans, this does not mean that you have to use these rooms as bedrooms.

They can also be used for a study, a game room, or an office.

This size barndominium could either be a 60×70 or 60×60 and could utilize the two-story floor plan. There are so many possibilities with this barndominium.

4-bedroom barndominium plans give you the opportunity to have the room to expand your family or to have that extra space for guests. 

There is even a possibility that you could use the extra bedrooms to start your bed and breakfast. 

Read on to see some spectacular 4-bedroom barndominium plans, some even with a garage or a shop.

We will also give you some guidelines of what to consider helping make the decision a bit easier as to whether this type of floor plan is right for your family and lifestyle.

This article will also cover the price for 4-bedroom barndominium floor plans.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 60×70 will give you approximately 1,800 square feet of living space with a shop or garage
  • 4-bedroom barndominium plans are customizable for your family and lifestyle
  • Extra bedrooms can be extra income

4-Bedroom Barndominium Plans – Things to Consider

Before you choose your 4-bedroom barndominium plans, there are some things that you need to consider.

Seeing them on paper or on the computer is nice but do they fit your lifestyle?

Do you want all of the bedrooms on one side or one floor or do you want your master suite separate?

This is just one thing to consider when deciding how to plan your barndominium.

4-Bedroom Barndominium Plans


This will be different for everyone.  Here are some things you need to consider about your lifestyle.

  • How many children do you have and if you will add to your family in the future? If so, how many more children.
  • How often do you have overnight guests
  • Will you need a room for a study, home office, play or game room?
  • How you are going to utilize the common living spaces
  • How large do you need the rooms to be

All of this information will help you understand just how many different rooms you will need and what their size should be.

Another thing to consider is if you have someone working different hours, such as night shift, you might consider putting their bedroom further away from the other bedrooms and living spaces so they can sleep without being disturbed.

Consider The Land

This is also an important factor.  Many 4-bedroom barndominium plans include a large porch or deck in the front, back, or both.

If you build your barndominium where there are lots of great views of the outdoors, you want to make sure that you consider that in your layout.

You want to make sure that you can take advantage of those views from as many rooms in the barndominium.

For example, if you have a beautiful mountain or forest view, you might consider having the main living room wall facing that way with large floor-to-ceiling windows or even the master suite.  Imagine waking up to that gorgeous view every day.  You should consider where the sunrises and sets and try to plan your porch there so you can enjoy a cup of coffee watching the sunrise.

Storage And Closets

It is only natural that you want your barndominium to be beautiful but you also want it to be functional.

You want to make sure when you choose your 4-bedroom barndominium plans that you make sure that there is enough room for storage and closets.

This includes not only your bedroom closets but also the pantry if you are including one in the plans.

You should also have a closet to hang guests’ and family’s coats in when they come to visit.  You will also need storage space to store clothes in the off-season, holiday decorations, and more.  If you are adding a garage or workshop to your plans, you will need to include storage there.

Traffic Flow

At first, when looking at floor plans this might be a little hard to envision but you must get this right so everything flows in your new barndominium.

You should try to map out the common paths to make sure that you are creating routes for your space that are accessible.

If you are planning to add a garage and after shopping, carry the groceries inside, you want a short walk to your kitchen and pantry.

You do not want to have to walk across your living and dining space to get to the kitchen nor do you want a long hallway.

Also, you want to make sure that the laundry room is accessible and if you are building a second story, you do not want the laundry room on the second floor.

That would be a lot of stairs to go up and down every time you do laundry.

You also need to consider if you will have a closed or open concept.  With an open concept, you will be able to have an open space between the living area and kitchen.  This will make your barndominium seem more open and inviting.  This is a good concept to choose when choosing your 4-bedroom barndominium plans.

4-bedroom Barndominium Plans And Costs

Many factors go into figuring out the cost of your 4-bedroom barndominium.  Some of these factors include where it is located, interior finishes, design, size, and more.

It also depends on whether you are building from the ground up or using a kit.

For a kit with just the basic shell, it can be as low as $20 a square foot but if you build it from the ground up, it could be $95=$125 per square foot.

On average a basic barndominium with eight rooms or more can cost $60,000-$120,000.

The final price will depend on the appliances, interior finishings, and if you add a workshop or garage.  The final price also depends on whether you do all or some of the work yourself or hire a contractor.

Many 4-bedroom barndominiums are 2,000 square feet so the average cost for a barndominium kit would be $40,000-$80,000.

But then you have to figure in the interior furnishings, including appliances.

For a turnkey barndominium, it can average $180,000.

Other costs can include

  • Foundation–$6 per square foot, which can be $6,000-$24,000
  • Electricity–$4,000-$16,000
  • Plumbing–$4,500-$18,000
  • Windows and doors–$20,000 or more and includes installation
  • Appliances, countertops, and cabinets–$60,000 or more
  • Flooring–$8,000-$32,000

4-Bedroom Barndominium Plans: These Floor Plans Will Inspire You

Below you will find several inspiring 4-bedroom barndominium plans, with one including a workshop and another including a garage.

These will give you an idea of the different plans that you can choose from.

4-Bedroom Barndominium Plans With Shop Example 1 – Floor Plan 122

This plan includes a garage/shop at one end of your 4-bedroom barndominium.  There is an entrance from this area to the laundry room into the dining/kitchen area.

Along one side is the master suite and three other bedrooms, which share a common bathroom entered from the hallway.  They have also included an office.

The common bathroom is also one that is used by guests.  Along the front is a large porch.

4 bedroom barndominium plans With Shop Example-1 Plan-122

4-Bedroom Barndominium Plans With Garage Example 2 – Floor  Plan 123

This floor plan includes a large garage that would probably be for two cars or part of it could be utilized for a work area or storage.

You come into a hallway that leads to the kitchen with the pantry in the corner.  The master suite is right off the kitchen/dining area and so is the half-bath.

There is a small hallway that leads to the bonus room, which could be used as an office or study.  At the end of the barndominium are four bedrooms, with a playroom in the middle.

There are two jack-and-jill bathrooms with the laundry room at the end of the barndominium.

4 bedroom barndominium plans With Garage Example-2 Plan-123

4-Bedroom Barndominium Plans Example 3 – Floor Plan 124

These 4-bedroom barndominium plans have no master suite but just four equally sized bedrooms that are 12×12 with two bathrooms that are shared between them but they are not jack-and-jill bathrooms.

There is also a half-bath.  What takes up most of the space is the very large living area.  The kitchen is in the middle of all the bedrooms plus there is a laundry room and pantry.

This is a very simple floor plan.

4 bedroom barndominium plans Example-3 Plan-124

4-Bedroom Barndominium Plans Example 4 – Floor Plan 125

This is a very unique floor plan with three bedrooms at one end of the barndominium and the master suite at the other end.  There is also a den and bonus room.

At the end where the kitchen and all the bedrooms are in the laundry room.

Two of the bedrooms share a jack-and-jill bathroom and from the floor plans, it appears that the occupant of the other bedroom has to go through one of the other bedrooms to the bathroom.

As you enter the barndominium, there is a half-bath off the foyer.

4 bedroom barndominium plans Example-4 Plan-125

4-Bedroom Barndominium Plans Example 5 – Floor Plan 126

This is a well-thought-out floor plan and makes good use of the space.

At one end you have three bedrooms with a jack-and-jill bathroom with the other bedroom having an ensuite bathroom.

There is a large playroom in this area also along with an office and storage space.  A hallway leads to the dining, kitchen, and living space with a half bath for guests.

There is also a front and back porch.  The master suite is at the other end along with the laundry room.

4 bedroom barndominium plans Example-5 Plan-126

4-Bedroom Barndominium Plans Example 6 – Floor Plan 127

These 4-bedroom barndominium plans also do not have a designated master suite although one bedroom is larger so that could be it.

The living area is at one end along with the kitchen, pantry, and half bath.  The laundry room is at the other end amount the bedrooms.

Three of the bedrooms share a bathroom, which is accessed through the hallway.  The larger bedroom at the end has its ensuite bathroom.

4 bedroom barndominium plans Example-6 Plan-127

4-Bedroom Barndominium Plans Example 7 – Floor Plan 128

This floor plan has a large front porch that opens into the living and dining area and kitchen.  Off the dining area are the panty, which is at the end corner, and the laundry room next to it.

Also off the kitchen is an office.  Also off the kitchen is the entrance to the large master suite.

Going down the hallway you enter into a playroom, off which are four bedrooms, with two bathrooms at each end of this area.

The guests would also have to use one of these bathrooms.  With this design, the children would have their wing or area of the barndominium.

4 bedroom barndominium plans Example-7 Plan-128


As you can see by these 4-bedroom barndominium plans, there are many unique ways in which to use them, some good and some not so good or well thought out.

We have also covered the important things to consider before choosing your 4-bedroom barndominium plans and the cost to build your dream home.

Reading this article will help you choose the right plan and know the approximate cost to build.

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