6 Ways to Lower Your Barndominium Cost

Embarking on the construction of a barndominium presents a unique opportunity to design a living space that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle and preferences. However, the financial aspect of building a barndominium can be daunting, as costs can escalate quickly. It’s crucial to approach this project with a strategy to minimize expenses without compromising on the essential elements of your dream home. This guide explores various cost-saving measures, from leveraging barndominium kits to making smart choices about materials and labor. By adopting these strategies, you can navigate the financial challenges of construction and bring your vision to life in a cost-effective manner.

Opt for a Barndominium Kit

Choosing a barndominium kit is a strategic move for those looking to streamline the construction process and cut costs. These kits are meticulously designed to include all necessary components, simplifying the building process. By eliminating the need to individually source materials, you not only save money but also time and effort. The convenience of having everything delivered in one package reduces logistical headaches and potential delays. Furthermore, these kits are customizable to a certain extent, allowing you to tailor the design to your preferences while maintaining control over the budget. This approach is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking a balance between customization and cost-efficiency.

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DIY Construction

Taking on the construction of your barndominium as a DIY project is a bold decision that can lead to substantial savings. This route is not for the faint-hearted but is well-suited for those with a solid background in construction or a strong willingness to learn. By eliminating labor costs, the potential for financial savings is significant. However, this approach requires a deep commitment to planning, learning, and executing the work. Mistakes can be costly, so it’s crucial to assess your skills realistically and prepare thoroughly. For those ready to take on the challenge, building your barndominium can be a rewarding experience that offers both personal satisfaction and financial benefits.

Act as Your Own General Contractor

Assuming the role of your own general contractor offers a middle ground between hiring a full-service construction company and doing all the work yourself. This position involves coordinating the construction process, from hiring subcontractors to scheduling and overseeing their work. While this approach demands a significant time investment and organizational skills, it can lead to considerable cost savings. You have the flexibility to negotiate directly with suppliers and subcontractors, potentially securing better rates. Additionally, by managing the project closely, you can ensure that the work aligns with your vision and budget, making adjustments as necessary to control costs.

Choose Premade Barndominium Blueprints

Opting for premade barndominium blueprints is a cost-effective alternative to custom architectural services. These blueprints offer a range of designs that have been pre-engineered to meet standard building codes, reducing the need for expensive custom plans. By selecting from a variety of available layouts, you can find a design that closely matches your vision without the high cost of hiring an architect. This approach not only saves money but also accelerates the planning phase, allowing you to move forward with construction more quickly. Premade blueprints are a practical solution for those looking to balance customization with cost efficiency.

Economize on Materials and Finishes

Careful selection of materials and finishes can significantly impact the overall cost of your barndominium. Opting for cost-effective alternatives without compromising quality is key. For example, laminate flooring can mimic the look of real wood at a fraction of the price, offering durability and ease of maintenance. Similarly, ready-to-assemble cabinets provide the functionality and aesthetic appeal of custom cabinetry without the hefty price tag. By choosing standard sizes for windows and doors, you can avoid the premium costs associated with custom dimensions. These strategic choices allow you to allocate your budget more effectively, ensuring that you can afford to include the features that matter most to you.

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Location and Size Considerations

The location and size of your barndominium play a crucial role in determining the project’s cost. Selecting a building site in an area with lower land prices and construction costs can lead to significant savings. Additionally, the size of your barndominium directly affects the cost; opting for a smaller, more efficient design can reduce expenses without sacrificing functionality. By carefully considering the location and size of your barndominium, you can make strategic decisions that align with your budget and lifestyle needs. This thoughtful approach ensures that you maximize the value of your investment, creating a space that is both affordable and aligned with your vision.


Building a barndominium on a budget requires a strategic approach, focusing on areas where costs can be minimized without compromising the integrity and functionality of the home. From selecting a barndominium kit to making smart decisions about materials and labor, there are numerous ways to achieve your dream home while keeping expenses in check. By carefully planning and making informed choices, you can navigate the construction process successfully, resulting in a home that meets your needs and reflects your personal style, all within a manageable budget.

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