How Fast Can You Build a Barndominium? [With TimeFrame]

Are you planning to build a Barndominium? To create the barndominium from an existing barn or scratch, you will need some timescale.

The time scale will depend on the availability of resources, the speed of carrying out the process, and the experience of your contractor.

The average time of completing a barndominium building project with enough resources and an experienced contractor is about six months.

Finishing your Barndominium building process on time is a fascinating thing. As such, continue reading to learn more on how fast can you build a barndominium.

The Barndominium Building TimeLine (Things you Need To Know)

The estimated timeline for building a barndominium is six months, as discussed below:

The Barndominium Building TimeLine

1st Month: Signing The Contract And Laying The Foundation

In the first month of the project, you will have to obtain the required finances, sign a contract with your contractor and start the building process.

Every building process begins with creating a good foundation. Since the structure’s perimeter bears most of the weight, it is made up to three times bigger than the rest of the pad.

2nd Month: Framing Of Roof, Walls, Windows, And The Doors

After the posts are well concreted, and the whole skeleton is erected, the framing process of the barndominium is started.

The walls, roof, doors, and windows are tied together to create a durable structure.

The interior should be designed using wood lumbers to make the installation process of other components such as drywall and insulation easier.

Laminated veneer lumber, mainly known as wooden beams, is often used to span the distance between the partition walls.

3rd Month: Get The Roofing Done

After you are done with the framing work, the next move should be working on the roof of your barndominium.

The roofing process involves sealing up, reroofing, or even replacing the roofs in poor conditions.

Doing an excellent job during the roofing process saves you money when carrying out heating and air conditioning tasks.

4th Month: Wiring, Plumbing, And HVAC

During this step, all the internal systems are installed. Plumbing experts install the draining system.

Electrical systems are also installed since the wiring system also follows rules that make routing more flexible.

For example, it takes less effort to route a wire through a pipe than it would take to route a pipe through a wire.

5th Month: Get The House Insulation Done

As mentioned earlier in this article, barndominium insulation should be done in an excellent way for you to save money and time in the future.

You can get barns with modern features that may end up surprising you. Plan for this task earlier enough with your contractor.

6th Month: Interior Work And Flooring As Your Choice

After all the other work has been done and the barndominium is livable, comfortable, and functional, you should start working on the interior appearance of your new home.

In this step, the owner can incorporate groove paneling, rough sawn logs, stonework, and tongue into the design.

After the wall covering is installed using a sprayer, the painting process is carried out. Sprayers simplify the job, especially when multiple coats are required.

In most situations, the installation of the floor is carried out last and followed by trims.

Speed Up the Barndominium Building Process With These Steps

Factors That Speed Up the Barndominium Building Process

  • Resource Availability: Resources are critical when it comes to building any structure. The building process will take less time when there are readily available resources. Resources range from building materials to human labor needed during the building process. People who lack ready resources tend to take more time to build a barndominium.
  • The Experience of the Contactor: More experienced professional contractors can organize their work better and finish the building process earlier than the less experienced contractor.
  • Technology Used: Contractors that use cutting-edge technologies tend to finish their building process earlier than those contractors who still use the traditional building methods.


In conclusion, the above article has effectively answered the question of how fast can you build a barndominium.

To speed up the barndominium building process, ensure that you have enough resources (both material and labor) readily available and hire an experienced contractor who possesses the right experience.

Although finding a good contractor may be challenging, there are several ways you can use to get a professional contractor. The rule of thumb is to make a list of about 5 to 6 contactors and then select the best among them.

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