Barndominium Duplex Ideas & Floorplan With Cost Plan

Are you looking for a place to live with possible rental income potential?  Do you have children that are working but do not have a house or apartment?

If yes to either question, then building a barndominium duplex might be a solution for you.

A barndominium duplex is a multi-family residence but is two separate living spaces with separate entrances for each living space.

Instead of building one barndominium on a plot of land, you would be building two.  Although there are many pros to having a barndominium duplex, it can be more expensive.

In this article, we will talk about what a barndominium duplex is, the benefits of building one plus reasons to consider not to do so, and the cost.

We will also share barndominium duplex ideas and floor plans so you can make a uniformed decision as to whether this style of barndominium is right for you or not.

Key Takeaways

  • One barndominium but two separate living spaces with separate entrances
  • One-half could be rented out for extra income.
  • Can be expensive

Barndominium Duplex: What It Is And How It Looks

A barndominium duplex is a barndominium that is divided into two separate living spaces.  The number of bedrooms, size of rooms, etc can vary.

For example, if you have decided to rent the other half out and live in the other one, the one rented out may only have one bedroom and be a little smaller than the main residence.

Most barndominiums are one floor but with a barndominium duplex, there may be two floors.  The duplexes can be side-by-side or one on top of the other.

There could be a shared garage between them, maybe a shared courtyard, the possibilities are endless.

Sometimes a barndominium duplex is designed to look like a single-family home with both sides mirror images of the other and of equal size.

On average, a duplex is 900 square feet but can be larger.  The floor plans can vary in layout, style, and finishes, or be identical.

Know The Benefits Of Barndominium Duplex

A barndominium duplex can have many benefits, which can include:

  • If you are looking for extra income, having a barndominium duplex will give you that extra income by renting out one half while living in the other half.
  • You can use the other duplex for the family when they visit and still have your privacy and they have theirs
  • There could be potential tax benefits if you rent out one half of the barndominium duplex
  • It would give your adult child a place to call their own and not have to live with their parents.

How Much Do Duplex Barndominiums Cost? (Plan Properly)

As with any barndominium, the square footage would be one part of the cost.  On average, it costs $30-$50 per square foot.

It also depends on how much of the work you do, whether you build from the ground up or use a kit.  There are also the furnishings and appliances and how high-end you want them to be.

How Much Do Duplex Barndominiums Cost

On average, building a 2,000 square foot barndominium duplex can cost over $250,000.

With a barndominium duplex, one thing you need to remember is that you have to double everything.  You have to buy appliances, furnishings, and more for each duplex.

You also have to figure out the cost to do the electricity, plumbing, sewage, and HVAC for each duplex.

All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when figuring out the cost.

Barndominium Duplex Ideas (With Pictures)

Below are some of the barndominium duplex ideas to let you see how you can build yours.  They can be side-by-side or stacked.

Barndominium Duplex Ideas 1

This idea looks as if it is a single-family home but is a duplex.  From this picture they could be side-by-side or one in back of the other.

This one has a small front porch that could accommodate one chair.  It is white siding with a black roof and stone around the bottom half.

Barndominium duplex ideas 1

Barndominium Duplex Ideas 2

This barndominium duplex is stacked and appears to have a single entrance with stairs leading to the upper duplex.

From the front, it appears to be identical but on the upper duplex, there are two windows on the side but not on the bottom one as it leads to the small porch that goes into the entrance.

On the bottom duplex, there is a small, covered patio.  They share a yard.

Barndominium duplex ideas 2

Barndominium Duplex Ideas 3

This barndominium duplex is side-by-side and each one looks like they have their one-car garage.  The front porch is separated by a partition and has separate entrances.

They are a two-story duplex with lots of windows to let in the natural light.  The two duplexes are separated by a wall so there may not be as sound-proof as you would like.

Barndominium duplex ideas 3

Barndominium Duplex Ideas 4

This barndominium duplex appears to be a stacked duplex with one entrance that has stairs to the upper duplex.  There is a shared porch and yard.

It is boxed in shape and does not have much curb appeal.  There are many windows to let in the sunlight.

Barndominium duplex ideas 4

Barndominium Duplex Ideas 5

This is the inside of a duplex that is two stories.  You can see that there is a small dining nook, kitchen and the living space must be on the other side.

There are stairs that lead to the upstairs where the bedrooms possibly are.

As you can see, it is hard to tell that this is one-half of a duplex as it looks like a traditional barndominium except smaller in square footage.

Barndominium duplex ideas 5

Barndominium Duplex Plans

Now that you have seen some ideas of how a barndominium duplex can look on the exterior, it is time to look at some of the floor plans to see if they would work for you.

Barndominium Duplex Plans 258

From the description, this is a side-by-side barndominium duplex with a second floor.

Both of the floor plans are identical with three bedrooms, a living and kitchen area, and a breakfast nook.  They each have a covered patio but are unsure how you get to the second floor.

This is a fairly large barndominium duplex as each bedroom averages 12×14 or a little larger and a living area of 14×24 and a kitchen of 10×15.

Barndominium duplex plans 258

Barndominium Duplex – Floor Plans 259

This appears to be a floor plan for one half of a barndominium duplex with the bottom floor and the upstairs.

There is a garage and on the bottom half is the master suite, kitchen, laundry room, living, and dining areas.

On the second floor, there are three more bedrooms and a loft area plus bathrooms.


Barndominium Duplex – Floor Plans 260

This is a floor plan of one-half of a barndominium duplex that has an attached garage and a second floor with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

On the lower level, you have another bedroom with the kitchen and living space and what appears to be a laundry room.


Barndominium Duplex – Floor Plans 261

Here you have the first and second floor of one half of a barndominium duplex with a 2-car garage.  On the main floor, you have the kitchen, family room, dining room, and study.

The second floor is where you would find the master suite and two additional bedrooms plus a large game room.

Barndominium duplex plans 261

Barndominium Duplex – Floor Plans 262

This is a side-by-side barndominium duplex with identical floor plans.  They each have their garage and a courtyard.

The second floor where more bedrooms areas there is only the master suite on the first floor with the kitchen, dining area, and great room, which are separated by a foyer.

There is also a breakfast nook.  It does not have the open concept that most barndominiums have.

Barndominium duplex plans 262


As you can see, with a barndominium duplex, there are many designs and floor plans to choose from.

One of the great benefits from this design is that you can rent one half out to get extra income.

Remember that it can be more expensive to build considering that although you are building one barndominium on one piece of land.

It will be two separate units so you will have double furnishings and appliances to purchase plus other expenses.

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