Are Barndominiums Durable Compared to Traditional Homes?

Building a home, whether it is a traditional home or a barndominium, can be expensive.  It is a place where you plan to live for a year, five years, or ever how long.  You want to make sure it is durable and will last.  You don’t want it to fall or need extensive repairs from the first windstorm, snow, etc.  For the money you put into it, you want it to be durable.

Barndominiums are the latest craze in the world of home building.  You are considering building a barndominium but there is one question you need an answer to before you decide barndominium or a traditional home.  The question is are barndominiums durable compared to traditional homes? The answer is yes.

In this article, we will answer that question in more detail and tell you why they are durable.  By the end of this article, you will know that barndominiums are durable and a good choice for your new home.

Are Barndominiums Durable Compared to Traditional Homes?

Yes, barndominiums are durable compared to traditional homes.  In fact, a barndominium might be more durable in some instances when compared to a traditional home when looking at the material they are made from.

Are Barndominiums Durable Compared to Traditional Homes

One reason that a barndominium might be a little more durable than a traditional home is because of the unique design of the barndominium.  Most of them are made from a steel framework while traditional homes are usually constructed with a wooden frame.

How Are They More Durable?

The durability of a barndominium or traditional house is defined as its ability to withstand normal wear and tear and damage.  Below are the main issues that can impact the durability of a structure, which also include its resistance to the list below and the structural integrity of the barndominium or traditional home.

  • Mold or rot
  • Vermin and pests
  • Moisture
  • Rus
  • Severe weather
  • Cold and heat
  • Fire

When you compare all of these things to a traditional home, a barndominium appears to provide exceptional protection.  There is minimal risk to your barndominium regarding damage from mold, rot, or moisture.

With the steel framework, you do not have to worry about moisture penetrating the steel framework like it would with the traditional home’s wood framework. When moisture penetrates the wood of the traditional home, it can increase the risk of mold spreading throughout the home.  If you have moisture and mold, this can attract termites and other pests.

How Are barndominium More Durable

With a barndominiums steel frame, termites are not an issue but with a wooden frame, they can cause significant damage and be hard to get rid of.  When a structure is constantly exposed to varying temperatures and moisture, it can force the wood to contract and expand.  Over time, it could cause warping and the structure could start to weaken and the home shift.

The steel framework of the barndominium will not shift or warp and is built to last.  With the durability of the barndominium, they will last longer.  Barndominiums also shield against the elements.  Tornadoes, severe winds, and earthquake activities are unlikely to break down the walls or rip the roof from your barndominium but with a traditional home, that is not always true.

A barndominium does not catch on fire easily.  Fires are a major threat to any home but a traditional home has a greater risk of being destroyed by fire.  Every part of a traditional home is flammable and can take only a minute for it to be engulfed in flames.  The steel frame of the barndominium is not combustible or flammable.

During a fire, the frame will not burn down so this decreases the risk of the structure collapsing.  This gives you more time to escape.  Since the walls and ceiling are supported by steel beams, they should remain intact.  Depending on how the fire spreads, a barndominium is less likely to experience a lot of water or fire damage.  If the barndominium frame does not have any permanent damage, the repairs will be cheaper.

There will be less maintenance on a barndominium because the exterior components and steel frame can last for years.  They will not show any signs of wear and tear.  You may not have to replace the siding or repaint your barndominium like you would with a traditional home.


Are barndominiums durable compared to traditional homes? From this article, it is easy to see that the answer is yes.  In fact, a barndominium is not only durable when you compare them to a traditional home, but in most instances, they are more durable.  Between a traditional home and a barndominium, the barndominium wins in durability.

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