Will VA Finance A Barndominium?

With many of us across America adopting barndominium for conventional homes, the building of the structures is on the rise. This is because barndos are cheap, comfortable, and spacious.

However, due to their structure, you might doubt applying for one of the typical loans in the country- VA loans. Asking the question, will VA finance a barndominium.

You can secure a VA loan to build a barndominium. However, your processes to secure it are quite thorough compared to other loan types. The best option for getting a VA loan is through local firms.

Also, the borrower must have all the documents required, as this makes a better chance of getting a VA loan. This article gives a definite answer for those looking to get a VA finance for a barndo.

Answered: Will VA Finance A Barndominium?

To know the possibility of using a VA loan to finance a barndo, you must understand what VA loans are. This loan was established by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. With that said, it is only available for veterans in the United States.

Although, if military personnel should die at war, the families can apply for the loan.

Will VA Finance A Barndominium

So will VA finance a barndo? The answer is yes. Since a barndominium falls under the category of a type of home in America, it is possible to secure a loan. However, it is better to use VA loans to buy barndos instead of building one.

Regardless of the VA loan being cheaper than other loans, there are stricter requirements for you to secure it.

To learn a few things about VA loans and check the processes of the loans help to build a home check this out:

Building A Barndominium: Benefits Of VA Loans

Indeed it’s possible to get a VA loan for a barndominium, but building the barndo with the loan can prove problematic. For various reasons, most bodies offering VA loans do not give the loans out with the intent for you to use them as a construction loan.

VA Loan Benefits To Build A Barndominium

With that said, it’s better and easier to go for a construction loan to build a barndo instead of a VA loan. It is possible to refinance the barndo after building with a VA loan, but the refinancing abilities vary for every lender.

Benefits VA Loan Offers

Regardless of VA loans being cheap, one of its many perks is that it provides guarantees to lenders compared to other loan providers. A guarantee is vital for a lender because it reduces risks, and there is no need for a lender to make down payments or get insurance on loans.

You must know that the VA might demand certain fees to be restricted. The idea is to aid in protecting the guarantee program and prevent veterans from collecting loans they can’t repay. This is also vital, so the VA loan benefit remains available for years to come.

To get a VA loan, lenders have to provide several documents like proof of liability insurance, a copy showing creditworthiness, and others. Furthermore, one of the terms and conditions of getting a VA loan is that the borrower can’t access the loan until the completion of the barndo.

With that said, getting a VA loan is not a one-sided affair. The building company also has to agree to the terms of collecting the overall pay after building the barndo, meaning that the builder would cover all the expenses themselves until then, and they must finish the building within a deadline of twelve months.

These also help to protect the guarantee that the lenders offer to borrowers.

How Do You Build A Barndominium With a VA Loan?

To build a Barndo with a VA loan, you must know the various steps to follow. These steps ensure that a lender secures the loan and the borrower can pay. The steps to build a barndo with a VA loan are:

How To Build A Barndominium With a VA Loan

Get A Lender

Firstly, you have to look for a lender that offers VA loans for building a barndominium. This isn’t easy since very few lenders offer VA loans for construction. It is crucial to note that requirements for lending vary for every lender.

While a few VA loan companies might check for a credit score of 620, others might not. It is best to go with every document that a traditional loan company requests.

Hire A Builder

The Veteran Affairs department has a series of builders on their website, so this can make things relatively more straightforward. However, it is possible to get an external builder for the job.

Although, the builder must enroll for a VA Builder ID from the VA loan company to get approval for the loan. You will have to provide the blueprint of the barndominium to the lender so that the lending company knows if the barndominium is worth the loan.

Get a VA Appraisal

All VA loan lenders have appraisers in the department. Their role is to inspect the construction process of the building. For the initial steps of building the barndo, a VA can offer a small amount to acquire essential tools necessary for the barndominium. The job of appraisals here is to inspect the beginning steps of the barndo.

Get To The Construction

When the builders are on the verge of commencing the barndominium project, a lender will make draws concerning the stages of the barndo’s construction.

Inspection of the Barndo

Once finished, the department can send an appraiser for a final inspection, ensuring that the barndominium meets all the guidelines and requirements according to the loan’s policy. A few conditions of the VA loan are:

  • Long-lasting roofing.
  • Spacious enough for living necessities.
  • Good heating and electric system.
  • The sewage disposal system must be safe and hygienic.
  • Must be accessible from a private or public street.
  • The barndo must be free of paint made with lead.

These requirements ensure that borrowers enjoy an investment that lasts for a long time while providing comfort and everything an owner of a barndo might need.


Want to apply for a VA loan for a barndo? Asking Will VA finance a barndominium? Yes, like several other mortgage loans, it is possible to erect a barndo with financing from VA.

However, there are several processes you must follow to secure the loan, including meeting all the requirements such as liability insurance and a high credit score. Get the correct answer about VA loans.

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