What Is The Average Size Of A Barndominium? [By Their Types]

Barndos are rising in popularity all across America, providing the much-needed assistance from the high expenses of building a traditional home.

For people looking to add uniqueness and customization when creating their home, a barndo is possibly a better option.

Before a barndo project starts, knowing the average size dimensions is essential. Usually, this will lead potential barndo owners to ask, “what is the average size of a barndominium?”.

The answer to the question is tricky because barndos come in various sizes and do not have a standard size.

There are a few general overall size dimensions for Barndos. Some include the 30×40, which is about 1200 square feet of interior space, and the 60×70 size is 4200 square feet, making it a multi-purpose option.

This guide will give you the answers you want about the average sizes of barndominiums. Read on!

Key Points:

  • Erecting a barndo is more cost-effective than erecting a regular home.
  • The sizes of barndos differ according to specific purposes.
  • Barndos can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Advantages Of Building A Barndominium

Before checking for the dimensions for building a barndo, you must know the pros and cons of these structures to avoid making unforeseen costs.

Barndos have steel frames which makes them very sturdy. They have post frames, set about eight to twelve feet apart.

The following points explain the perks and cons of a barndo;

Barndominium Advantages And Disadvantages

Low Cost

A traditional home costs about a hundred dollars per square foot. On the other hand, a barndo costs about forty dollars per square foot.

Because of the low cost of building a barndo, more people choose to develop barndos.

Contractors benefit from the low cost of barndos, and it is because of the widely available building blueprints for barndos.

So, contractors look at these blueprints and can skip the cost of hiring an architect.

An added benefit of the low cost of building a barndo is that you can make payments out of pocket without borrowing from a lender.

The low prices allow total control of the financial implications. Also, the cheap costs enable the building time to be very fast.

Faster Build-time

Barndos take about six weeks to complete. On the other hand, a traditional home will take about eight months.

The build time of a conventional home can be even longer if you use an architect for the drawing plan.

Barndos are faster because you can use a build kit to reduce the build time.

A barndo build kit will include exterior walls, steel frame, and roof.

Sturdy Build

It is common knowledge that barndos are steel built, making them more sturdy than traditional homes with wooden frames.

Barndos can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions, and they can resist fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Barndos are also excellent in withstanding wind speeds up to 170mph, and traditional homes will suffer damage when winds go above 80mph.

Versatility And Customization

When it comes to versatility, barndos present the best option, and they can easily be customized and have great floor plans.

Because barndos don’t have interior walls holding up a ceiling, their floor plan is open for any level of customization.

You can customize the rooms and hallways more extensively than in a traditional home.

Modern barndos include garages and workshops which weren’t present in the first structures of barndos.

Disadvantage Of A Building A Barndominium

Disadvantage Of A Building A Barndominium

Finding A Lender

Even though barndos are gaining some ground, they aren’t as widely known as traditional homes.

So, the difficulty in finding a lender is a considerable drawback for people interested in building a barndo.

Banks are not enthusiastic about approving credit facilities for making a barndo, and banks will usually demand more fees.

Hence, you will have to seek alternative funding from rural and farm banks.

Finding A Contractor

There are not a lot of contractors who have sufficient knowledge on how to build a barndo.

The limited access to knowledgeable contracts will prevent you from getting the best value. Sometimes, the few available contractors charge very high costs.

What Is The Average Size Of A Barndominium?

The average size of a barndo cannot be accurately determined because barndos come in various dimensions. Some of the dimensions serve different purposes.

Also, others are more prominent. For example, the 40×75 size dimension is prevalent for those who want to build a house.

Some of the most popular size dimensions are;

What Is The Average Size Of A Barndominium

  • 40×75
  • 30×40
  • 60×70
  • 40×60
  • 50×75
  • 60×60

How Much Is The Average Barndominium?

In answering the question “what is the average size of a barndominium?” You must know the cost implication for an average barndo.

The cost of an average barndominium is about 100 to 130 dollars per square foot.

100 to 130 dollars will build a barndo that is fully outfitted and ready for you to move in. Many people go for barndos because of the low price of the barndo shell.

The prices of the metal shell can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Below are some of the everyday expenses of barndo shells.

  • 91,000 dollars for 80×100×16 feet
  • 87,000 dollars for 80×100×14 feet
  • 60,000 dollars for 60×80×16 feet
  • 26,000 dollars for 30×50×14 feet

It is important to note that the cost of a barndo can vary depending on some factors.

Factors such as; land, water, sewer, and electricity can either increase or lower the cost of building one.

What Is The Average Cost Of Building A Barndominium? (If You’re Building One)

The average cost of building a barndo is based on the square foot cost. For a complete turnkey build, the average cost per square foot is around 95 to 125 dollars.

Meaning the average price is approximately 220,000 dollars. The fee includes all the windows, countertops, and other amenities.

A one-bedroom barndo will require about 700 square feet, while over 5000 square feet for a five-bedroom barndominium.

The price for a barndo kit is as low as twenty-dollar per square foot if you use a DIY approach.

The exterior costs are where there are the most expenses. Some external prices include;

  • Roof
  • Slab
  • Clearing of land
  • Roof
  • Plumbing


Understanding the dimensions of a barndo is essential before you start your project.

The size dimensions will help you put your plans into perspective and know how much you’re willing to spend.

The concern of “what is the average size of a barndominium?” does not have a one-size-fits-all answer because barndos come in many sizes.

For example, a 30×40 barndo is about 1200 square feet and can only build a two-bedroom barndo.

In contrast, a 60×70 barndo is approximately 4200 square feet and can make it into a four-bedroom barndo.

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