What Does A Barndominium Look Like? Is It Cool?

The whispers about barndominiums have become a hot topic that you can not have missed.

This has helped create awareness leading to quite a few citizens of America adopting the buildings for residential homes. However, not everyone is familiar with the magnificent structure of barndos.

Hence, you might ask, what does a barndominium look like? The exterior of a barndominium looks like a barn or a large storage room!

However, the interior of the building looks more like a regular house but with a fantastic, spacious look, and it is one of the perks that make the structure more appealing.

This article further paints a picture of what a barndominium looks like and its features.

 Article Summary:

  • Barndominiums are safe for residential homes, storage, hangars, etc.
  • The exterior structure of a barndominium looks precisely like that of a barn.
  • People mostly build barndominiums in states like Texas, Montana, and Wyoming.

Are Barndominium Safe?

The safety a house offers to its occupants is one of the first and foremost factors most people check when building one.

A home doesn’t only serve as a shelter but as a haven where people can rest after facing the harsh conditions of the day.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising to ask about the safety that barndos offer.

Are Barndominium Safe

Regardless of a barndominium’s fragile structure, it is safe. Depending on how the builders construct a barndo, the design is more robust than a typical home.

However, the safety of a barndominium depends on its type and where you build it.

There are two types of barndos, metal or wooden barndo, and each is best suited for specific regions in the country.

For instance, a metal barndo is the best for states that experience high winds and tornadoes, such as Texas.

A wooden barndo, on the other hand, will do better in any other sunny state, although this doesn’t mean that you can’t build a wooden barndo in Texas.

But, in these scenarios, a metal barndo is far more robust than a wooden one.

The same theory applies to a metal barndominium. A metal barndo will not do well in places with high humidity and a high water table.

Excess moisture makes the frame susceptible to corrosion which can eat up the structures over time.

However, you don’t have to worry, as it takes decades before a metal barndo becomes affected.

While you enjoy the haven that barndominiums offer, there are a few steps to make the barndo safer. A few precautions you need to take are:

1. Install Windows That Can Resist Impact

One of the many things to go for to ensure your safety is impact-resistant windows.

The structure of these windows consists of double-paned glass, and it gives it the extra strength to withstand external impacts.

It works because when something cracks or shatters the first pane, the second pane remains intact, but it’s best to change the window after the first crack.

Most people who live in areas with hurricanes and tornadoes prefer adding a hurricane shutter, giving the window and barndominium more protection.

2. Check The Barndominium For Corrosion

Metal barndominiums are the most prone to corrosion attack since it remains exposed to water and oxygen all around the year.

Condensations and leaks between the walls of the barndominium can also speed corrosion and weaken a barndominium’s structure.

Therefore, to ensure a barndo remains safe for a long time, you must monitor the systems that channel the water out of the building.

It includes gutters, pipes, downspouts, etc. The idea is to ensure that they are always free and not blocked.

3. Clear Debris And Trees Around The Barndominium

Sometimes, nature can be very unpredictable. An old branch can collapse, a strong wind may pass, or both events coincide.

Therefore, to ensure your safety in the barndo, it’s best to clear away trees and debris close to the structure, meaning if a natural event happens, the barndo will remain unscathed.

4. Install Roofs With A Gentle Slope

When building a barndo, it’s best to go for a roof with a low pitch.

The structure of this kind of roof is effective against solid winds in a specific region, and it is because it easily allows wind to pass without causing any resistance.

The ideal slope of a low pitch roof should be around 20 to 30 degrees; however, this isn’t acceptable for every region.

If you live in a snowy area, it’s best to go for a higher pitch to get rid of snow quickly.

5. Install Fire-retardant Insulation

Fire hazards are one of the many hazards that have wrecked beautiful homes all around the country.

When it starts, it can be overwhelming and hard to control. Therefore, it’s best to take precautionary measures during the initial building process, as for a barndominium.

Depending on the insulation you use to build a barndo, it is possible to retard the spread of fire in a barndo.

Fiberglass is the best fire-retardant insulation, and it is because it consists of plastic polymers and glass that are not flammable. Although, they are pretty expensive.

What Does A Barndominium Look Like?

Since barndominiums have become widespread, you might try to get a clear picture by asking what a barndominium looks like?

The structure of a barndominium looks precisely like that of a barn; the appearance of the building consists of steel frames and metal sheets.

Although, some other people might envision a barndo as a large storage room.

What Does A Barndominium Look Like

However, neither of the descriptions is wrong. A barndominium’s structure is a home design that emanated from the barn’s design, making it still look like one.

But this theory is entirely different when you visit the interior living space.

While the interior of a barndo looks like a regular home, it has quite an ample space and high ceilings.

However, depending on the builder’s creativity and the owner’s budget, a barndo can even look much classier than any home. To see what a barndo looks like, check this out:

Where Are Barndominiums Built?

People build barndominiums all-around America. However, states like Wyoming, Texas, and Montana adopt the building the most for residential homes.

Therefore, it’s possible to see many barndos with different designs in these states. And of course, if there is anywhere you can find the best barndo builder, it should be between these states.

Regardless of these states, people in the urban areas also love barndos as a second home option. It serves as a getaway home for the holidays and festivals.

While for others, it serves as a haven to escape from living in a town. Moreover, barndos serve as perfect homes to store your boat, RV, and guns for game seasons.


With the rise of barndominiums in recent years, you might ask, What does a barndominium look like?

In answering the question, it looks like a barn or storage room from the outside, but surprisingly it seems more lavish on the inside, having plentiful space and high ceilings.

You might say the interior looks more like an upgrade to a regular house. To get more descriptions about the looks of a barndominium, read up.

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