How Much Does It Cost To Build A 40×60 Barndominium?

Barndominiums that are of 40×60 dimensions have become popular, standing out every day in several parts of America.

With many Americans adopting the building, it has become one of the best long-term investments you can get at an affordable price.

Although you may be uncertain about the cost to build them, you might ask, how much does it cost to build a 40 × 60 barndominium?

The cost for building a 40 × 60 barndominium is between $240,000 and $312,000. However, if you consider only the barndominium kit for a 40 × 60 barndominium, it is possible to get the kit between $26,500 and $30,500.

This article details a few things about a 40 × 60 barndominium and how to check the costs to build one.

Key Facts:

  • A 40 × 60 barndominium kit costs between $26,500 and $30,500.
  • The overall cost for building a 40 × 60 barndominium is $240,000 and $312,000.
  • Quonset metal buildings are the most durable 40 × 60 metal buildings.

Types of 40×60 Metal Barndos

Before considering building a 40 × 60 metal building, you must remember that there are three significant designs. Therefore, you must know which one you are going for in particular. The three main types of 40 × 60 metal buildings are:

Rigid Frame Buildings

Rigid frame metal buildings consist of primary structural steel coupled with lighter gauge metal cladding that forms the skeleton and frame of the building. It’s crucial to note that building a rigid frame can take a toll on the body because of how heavy the frames are. Therefore, it’s best to use a crane for easy lifting.

Rigid Frame Buildings

If you intend to build a 40 × 60 rigid frame building, you must note that its cost starts from $7 per square foot. Although, it reduces with an increase in the size of the building.

Quonset Metal Buildings

The history of Quonset metal buildings dates back to 1941 when they were first manufactured by George Fuller construction company for the United States Navy. Back then, it was the perfect building for the World war. It was durable, cheap, didn’t require much time to build, and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Quonset Metal Buildings

The structure of Quonset metal buildings is unique, costing around $5 per square foot. To build a Quonset, a builder joins pre-cut arch panels with bolts to give the building structure a semi-circular look.

This design makes it easy for anyone with basic building knowledge to construct them. Most people prefer using the buildings for garages, hangars, RV storage, etc.

Light Frame Steel Buildings

The light frame steel building has the same internal framing system as the rigid frame building.

However, light-frame buildings are clad with metal sheets compared to rigid frame buildings, making them less durable since metal sheets provide less support, unlike the gauge metal cladding.

Light Frame Steel Buildings

But regardless, they are still decent buildings for someone on a lower budget. Although the prices for light frame steel buildings vary, it all depends on your chosen structure.

However, if you want to get one, it’s best suited for sheds and carports.

Factors To Know In Barndominium Building Cost

The building cost for a barndominium can differ depending on the materials and design you select for the job.

While some materials are cheaper, several others can significantly increase the overall cost of building. With that said, the factors that influence the cost of a barndominium building are:

Size Of The Barndominium

The barndominium’s size is the first thing to consider when checking costs.

There are several sizes of barndominium you can opt for when building a barndominium, either small or large. But the larger the size of the barndominium, the more costly it will be.

Size Of The Barndominium

If we compare average prices to build a 40 × 30 barndominium compared to a 30 × 50, then a 30 × 50 barndominium will cost between $150,000 and $195,000, while a 40 × 30 dimension costs between $120,000 and $156,000.

The reason is that a 30 × 50 barndominium with 1500 square footage is larger than a 40 × 30 barndo with 1200 square footage.

The Type of Barndominium You’re Building

Another thing that affects the cost of a barndominium is the type of barndo you select. The two major types of barndominiums are metal and wooden barndominium.

Even though their building structure might seem similar, the materials builders use to construct them are different.

This difference in materials also determines the durability of one over another.

The most expensive kind of barndominiums is the metal type.

Although, depending on the area, building codes, and availability of materials, you can sometimes find a wooden barndominium more expensive.

The Roofing Of The Barndominium (With Protection)

There are different kinds of roofs for barndominiums, such as Gambrel roofs, Gabel roofs, Shed roofs, and Monitor roofs.

Each roof comes with its design and quality, which attributes to its cost. What’s more, their installation process is also different, which can also alter the cost.

The Roofing Of The Barndominium

Insulation (Especially in Cold Areas)

The insulation you select for the barndo is another factor to consider. Even though the difference for insulation might not seem too far apart, it can amount to a large sum by the size of the barndominium.

Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, it’s best to go for a Batts insulation, as they are the most common and the cheapest in the market.


Barndominium Builder (Breakdown)

Finally, another major factor to bear in mind is the builder of the barndominium.

There are several barndominium builders with years of experience, and there are different charges to build a barndominium in the country.

It is a crucial factor affecting the overall cost of building a barndominium. Therefore, it’s best to research before employing a builder for one’s project.

While at it, you must remember that it is also possible to build the barndominium yourself, and you might get to save up to 40 per cent on labour costs.

However, this is only possible if you have the experience and licensing in building a barndominium.

Average 40 × 60 Building Costs

A 40 × 60 building kit costs between $26,500 and $30,500. However, the cost can vary depending on the design you want to build and the price of materials in a particular region.

The construction costs vary depending on the builder you adopt for the job, but it is possible to get a builder willing to build between $10.95 and $12.70 per square foot.

Below is a cost chart showing the estimated costs for a few major components of a 40 × 60 building cost.

Windows and Doors $1750 – $3000
Primary Steel building $15,000 – $18,000
Barndominium Kit delivery Free – $1100
Concrete Slab Foundation $8000 – $10,000
Construction $7500 – $9000
Total Average Costs $32,250 – $41,100

Construction Costs

The construction costs for a barndo vary, and they usually include; the foundation, delivery, construction, etc. Below is a breakdown of construction costs for a 40 × 60 barndominium.

Item Approximate Cost
Windows, doors, etc. 15 – 35%
Barndominium kit delivery 6 – 15%
Construction $6 – $15/ Sq. Ft
Concrete slabs $6 – $15/ Sq. Ft.

How Is The Cost Calculated For a 40 × 60 Metal Building?

Want to know, how much does it cost to build a 40 × 60 barndominium? Well, the cost might vary depending on your area.

To develop a quota for the size, you must know how to calculate the components that amount to its cost.

The first thing to consider is the cost of the raw steel as that comprises the main bulk of the cost. The amount of steel necessary for a 40 × 60 metal building costs around $7.50 per square foot.

However, if you intend to build a larger metal building, the cost will reduce by $7 per square foot, and this is because a larger metal building would require less steel.

The cost of delivering the steel materials is another thing to consider. Since they are heavy, it makes them quite hard to transport, and they might form 6-8% of the total costs.

The building’s foundation is not left out as well. It takes a foundation of 2400 square feet to build a 40 × 60 barndominium, and this costs between $4 to $6 per square foot for construction, around $10,000.

Therefore, you must bear the factor in mind.


Love to have a 40 × 60 barndominium? Asking, how much does it cost to build a 40 × 60 barndominium? It costs between $240,000 and $312,000 to build a 40 × 60 barndominium.

Although, several factors can alter the estimated price range, such as materials and the builder of the project. To learn a few things about 40 × 60 barndominium, read up.

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