How Much Does a 2 Bedroom Barndominium Cost?

Barndominium is a  metal barn home. It is an excellent alternative to a traditionally framed house. It offers the owners the luxury of exploring the concept of their dream home. Nowadays, barndominiums are becoming popular among homeowners. The prospect of having a large living quarter to yourself utilized to your specifications is fascinating.  In addition, Barndominiums are cost and time saving.

For a 2 bedroom barndominium apartment, there are variations in the utilization of spaces within the building. This could increase the cost. But, typically the cost of a 2 bedroom barndominium apartment is between $100,000 to $220,000.

The cost of a barndominium is dependent on a lot of factors. These include; the location of the building, finishes, charge of local labourers, size, foundation and design. In essence, when planning for the construction cost of your barndominium, you need to consider those factors. They have a huge pull on the final cost of the construction process.It is quicker to complete the building of a barndominium than a traditional building. You also get to spend less without compromising the quality of your building.

To some homeowners, the number of rooms in the building is the most important. The barndominium itself is just a metal shell, it is up to you to determine the layout of your building. Depending on the size of the land and your family size, you can adjust the floor plan of your barndominium to contain 2 to 4 bedrooms. Meanwhile, have it in mind that the construction cost increases as the number of rooms increases.

How Much Does a 2 Bedroom Barndominium Cost

Different Layouts Of 2 Bedroom Barndominium Plans And Their Cost

The layout of a Barndominium plays a huge role in its final cost. A two bedroom Barnodminium may cost as much as a 4 bedroom barndominium, because they are of the same size. A typical illustration of the cost of different layouts of a  bedroom barndominium is shown below:

2 bedroom barndominium plan of size 40 ft by 60 ft. Cost ($113,000)

Living Room 16 ft by 16 ft
Bedroom 1 15 ft by 11 ft
Bedroom 2 19 ft by 12 ft
Garage 35 ft by 40 ft
Bathroom 6 ft by 13 ft
Laundry room 6 ft by 3 ft
Kitchen 11 ft by 16 ft
Closet 6 ft by 6 ft

2 bedroom barndominium plan of size 50 ft by 75 ft. Cost ($210,000)

Living Room 35 ft by 22 ft
Bedroom 1 18 ft by 17 ft
Bedroom 2 19 ft by 17 ft
Garage 25 ft by 46 ft
Bathroom 1 6 ft by 15 ft
Bathroom 2 6 ft by 15 ft
Kitchen 15 ft by 22 ft
Closet 1 12 ft by 9 ft
Closet 2 12 ft by 15 ft
Storage 20 ft by 4 ft

2 bedroom barndominium plan of size 40 ft by 60 ft. Cost ( $130,000)

Living Room 27 ft by 18 ft
Bedroom 1 13 ft by 15 ft
Bedroom 2 16 ft by 18 ft
Bathroom 1 6 ft by 11 ft
Bathroom 2 6 ft by 11 ft
Storage 16 by 4 ft
Kitchen 10 ft by 18 ft
Closet 6 ft by 6 ft

2 bedroom barndominium plan of size 50 ft by 75 ft. Cost ( $219,000)

Living Room 25 ft by 22 ft
Bedroom 1 15 ft by 12 ft
Bedroom 2 15 ft by 15 ft
Garage 25 ft by 50 ft
Bathroom 1 5 ft by 10 ft
Bathroom 2 8 ft by 12 ft
Kitchen 20 ft by 22 ft
Dining Room 20 ft by 17 ft
Closet 8 ft by 8 ft
Storage 8 ft by 11 ft

When you are planning the interior layout of your barndominium, you have a lot of options. The options above come with their respective costs. You can choose any of the above layout plans for your 2-bedroom barndominium if your budget fits right in.

Structural, Exterior And Interior Cost Of A 2 Bedroom Barndominium

The structural, exterior and interior works can increase the overall cost of the construction process. For the structural works, you have the cost of foundation slab, steel columns, and roof among others. The structural cost depends on the type of foundation used for the barndominium. The two most commonly used types of foundation for a barndominium are the ground-bearing slab foundation and the pier and beam foundation.

Structural, Exterior And Interior Cost Of A 2 Bedroom Barndominium

The exterior works focus on the barn shell and its finishes. You can use wood or metal as the barn shell. While paintwork is the major type of finish used for the barn shell.  The exterior costs also include pre and post construction activities such as land clearing, leveling and gardening.

Interior costs include the electrical works, insulation, installation of the air conditioning system, and painting or use of wallpapers among others. T

Costing Chart For A 2 Bedroom Barndominium Building

Electrical works $3000 $5000
Plumbing materials $2000 $3000
Foundation $50000 $60000
Flooring $3000 $4000
Insulation $4000 $6000
Doors $3000 $4000
Vaulted ceiling $2000 $3000
Wallpaper $1500 $3000
Acrylic emulsion paint $1000 $3000
Plumbing under slab $3000 $4000
Kitchen $5000 $8000
HVAC $4000 $6000
Drywall $2500 $4000
Water treatment $2000 $3000
Interior structure $3000 $4000
Bathrooms $3000 $4000
Building shell $40000 $45000


The cost of a two bedroom Barndominium depends on the total size of the Barndominium itself. There are cases whereby a two  bedroom sized barndominium costs as much as a four bedroom Barndominium. It all comes down to the total space required.  The homeowner would need to factor in this when choosing his plan for a 2 bedroom Barndominium. The bigger the size, the higher the cost.

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