How Expensive Is A Barndominium?

Housing options have recently transcended beyond previous stereotypes, and housing architecture and style come in various shapes and styles, from simple housing structures to more complex forms.

As of today, one common housing option many people adopt in fulfilling their housing needs is a barndominium.

Compared to traditional homes, barndos, otherwise called, are customizable, versatile, affordable, and more durable.

Considering all the benefits and features of a barndo, one can’t help but wonder how expensive is a barndominium?

A barndominium costs around $30 to $40 per square foot but the price can be more or less depending on certain factors. Hiring a contractor, installing amenities, adding customizations, and market trends are only a few factors that can affect the price of a barndominium.

Key Points:

  • The cost of a barndominium depends on features, size, style, floor plans, etc.
  • Building a barndominium is relatively cheaper than building a traditional house.
  • When building a barndominium, it is vital to consider extra costs such as land clearing, plumbing, HVAC installment, flooring, etc.

How Expensive A Barndominium Is Compared To A Regular House?

A barndo is typically less expensive than a traditional house, and Barndos are metal structures making a barndominium easily customizable.

It also makes them cheaper as metal structures are more affordable than bricks used in building traditional houses.

Is A Barndominium More Expensive Than A Regular House

You should know that the initial expense of a barndo may be higher than a traditional house. Unlike the typical wood frame buildings, you may spend more to hire the machinery needed to erect a steel frame barndo.

Calculating the cost difference between a barndo and a regular home may be challenging, especially when considering amenities.

For instance, if you include high-end features to your barndo, the total cost can be the same or higher than that of a traditional home.

However, when it comes to labor costs and materials, a barndo is less expensive. A typical brick-and-mortar home will undoubtedly require more labor and material costs.

A barndo is relatively cheaper than a traditional home, although the cost difference is not significant if the barndo is a one or two-bedroom.

However, the price difference is apparent when building a 2000-3000 square feet home.

How Expensive Is A Barndominium?

Barndos will cost around $180,000 to $360,000 to build. Since most of the shell is constructed off-site, it is less expensive due to reduced labor and building materials.

A barndo kit may cost $5000 to $70,000, depending on the style and size the buyer wants.

How Expensive Is A Barndominium

The cost of a barndo depends on certain factors, including the choice of features and customizations. Some of these determinants are mentioned below.

  • Market trends can affect the price of building a barndo. For instance, if too many people are looking to renovate their homes, the cost of construction materials will spike due to the high demand. For example, in 2021, the cost of materials increased by 20-25%.
  • A DIY project means fewer expenses. If you hire a general contractor, they should expect to pay at least $125 per square foot. However, you can expect to pay less if you forfeit hiring a contractor and get the job done yourself.
  • If you do not have the skills and certification, you may still need to hire HVAC installers, plumbers, and electricians.
  • The customization and size of your barndo are also significant price determinants. Bigger barndos will require more budget; it’s as simple as that.
  • The location of the barndo is also essential. Building a barndo in an expensive neighborhood will cost more than building in other areas.

The terrain may also affect the cost as you may need to clear trees or rocks before building; therefore, the price will be impacted.

Cost Breakdown For A Barndominium

Before asking how expensive is a barndominium? You should know how you intend to build your barndo.

There are three ways to go about barndo construction- you may choose to build from scratch, use a DIY barndo kit, or hire a pro.

It is worth noting that some options are more expensive than others.

Barndominium Cost Breakdown

Below are the three options;

If You Build From Scratch

Erecting a barndo from the ground up will cost around $30 to $40 per square foot. It is worth noting that this price is a rough estimate for basic assembly with metal as the primary construction material.

Also, $30-$40 is the price for the bare shell.

You will need to consider sewer and plumbing costs which may run between $1,000 to $10,000.

Electricity and HVAC installments may set you back $600 to $2,200. A barndo roof will be anywhere between $5,000 to $11,000.

Remember to consider the cost of pouring the foundation and installing steel siding.

Getting A DIY Barndominium Kit

Building a DIY barndo with a prefabricated kit is less expensive than building from scratch. A DIY project will cost around $20 per square foot.

A prefabricated barndo kit, as the name suggests, means that the structure is made away from the site and then shipped to the site.

Prefabrication makes it easy for you to build the house in record time.

The price of a prefab kit depends on dimensions, interior design, insulation, etc.

The quality of the shell is also a vast price determinant. For instance, a bare barndo shell may cost around $10,000.

A high-end, outfitted barndo shell, on the other hand, will cost nearly $200,000 for a 2000-square-foot barndo.

Barndominium Kit With Professional Assembly Service

With professional assembly, building a barndo is $100 to $130. A DIY project with prefab kits is a good idea as it provides you with the materials needed to erect the shell.

However, considering the time, tools, and know-how required, outsourcing the job to an expert may be better. Outsourcing will save more time and help one avoid costly rookie mistakes.

An expert builder will see and resolve any problems before the homeowner moves in and will charge 20 to 30% on top of costs.

Barndominium Building Cost Per Square Foot

A barndo will cost $95 to $150 or more per square foot for a turnkey build, but for a bareback shell, the price is between $30 to $40. As previously discussed, the price may vary depending on several factors such as its feature, where it is built, and who builds it.

If you hire a general contractor, you should budget $100 to $130 per square foot. A 2000 square foot barndom will cost $200 000 to $260 000, while a standard 1000 square foot barndo will be $100,000 to $160,000.

Hence, a barndo will cost more or less depending on the square feet, ranging from 700 square feet for a one-bedroom apartment to 5000 square feet for a five-bedroom home.

Additional Costs To Consider While Building a Barndomonium

Aside from the cost of the barndo shell, there are other costs to consider before building. The table below gives a ballpark figure on the cost of other essential projects.

It is worth noting that prices may differ depending on your state and market trends.

Below is a rough figure on other costs to consider

Additional Building Costs

Average Cost

Site $4000 – $200,000
Electrical installation $700 – $2500
Land Preparation $2000 – $5500
HVAC installation $3000 – $14,000
Barndominium Insulation $1500 – $3000
Concrete slabs $5000 -$13,000
Roofing $6000 – $12,000
Plumbing $500 – $2500
Tiling and Flooring $10,000 – $35,000
Septic and Sewage $3000 – $11,000
Drywall and interior $7000 – $35,000
Total $42,700 – $333,500

Barndominium Vs. Other Houses Cost Chart

Before settling for a barndo, it may be wise to compare it with other housing options. Doing this will help you weigh the options and finalize them according to your budget.

Below is a cost chart of a few other housing options:

Average Cost

Small home $35,000 – $65,000
Modular homes $200,000 – $400,00
Regular Wooden house $130,000 – $460,000
Barndominium $75,000 – $230,000
Prefab home $20,000 -$60,000


As interest in barndos grows, more people want to know how expensive a barndominium is?

Compared to a traditional house, a barndo is relatively cheaper, although adding customizations and extra features may cause the price difference to be less notable.

Other previously discussed factors can also spike the price of a barndominium. Hence, you should consider all of these factors and determine any extra costs before building.

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