How Big Is A Barndominium? [A comprehensive Guide]

The size of a barndominium has always been a specific feature that attracts the attention of potential homeowners.

Typically, barndos are spacious, giving you enough room to be creative and play around with designs. However, the size of a barndo is not definite; hence, the question of how big is a Barndominium often arises.

If you intend to know how big these structures are, read further as this guide provides insights into these impressive structures.

On average, the height of a barndo is between 8 feet and 9 feet and can stretch up to 14 feet. This feature gives the impression that the building is extensive. However, a big barndo can span up to 3,500 square feet and contain four or five bedrooms.

This guide highlights the cost implications and benefits of a big barndominium. Keep reading to find out how big a barndo you need and make the estimation yourself.

Key Points:

  • The size of a barndominium depends on the floor plan you select for the builders.
  • Large size barndominiums range from 3500 square feet upwards.
  • Metal barndominiums are best suited for places with tornadoes and storms.
  • It costs between $100 to $130 per square foot to build a barndominium and over 350,000 to construct a big one.

Are Big Barndominiums Safe To Live in?

Logically, the size of a home shouldn’t determine the house’s safety for its occupants. The same theory applies to a barndominium.

As long as you properly build the barndominium, safety is guaranteed, and with that said, it is safe to build a big barndominium.

A barndo can sometimes even be more robust than a typical home if appropriately reinforced when building.

Is a Big Barndominium Safe

However, it is crucial to note that not every type of barndominium is suitable for every region.

While it’s okay to build a wooden barndominium in a particular state, it might not be the same for another because of the different weather conditions in each state.

For instance, it is safer to build a steel barndominium in states with high wind velocity, storms, and tornadoes instead of building a wooden barndo.

Therefore, it doesn’t only guarantee a safer living, but it saves the cost that might occur due to several repairs.

How Big Is A Barndominium? – A comprehensive Guide

Barndominiums are known to be quite spacious, but the underlying question remains, how big is a barndominium? While this may depend on the barndominium size and structure, there is no definite answer to this question.

The size of a barndominium depends on the dimension and floor plan you select for the builders.

Regardless of the floor plan you choose, the barndominium still retains its status as one of the most spacious homes because the prefabricated materials make space in the middle of the house.

How Big Is A Barndominium

Barndominiums of big sizes range from 3500 square feet upwards, and they mostly have heights of up to 14 feet. A big barndominium can have two floors, three to four bedrooms, and three bathrooms.

Although, the number of rooms in the barndo depends on the size of each room on the floor plan.

To learn more about barndominiums, check this out:

Advantages of having a Big Barndominium

Living in a big barndominium has its perks as it creates enough space for occupants to do their daily activities without being cluttered by insufficient space. Below are a few benefits of a big barndo;

  • More Room for Workspace: With most jobs now more remote than before, making specific house spaces for work is a good idea. A big barndo doesn’t only provide such space, but you can even run an entire business in the quarters.
  • Enough Space for Guests: There may be times when you have organised a party, maybe for holidays, vacations, or birthdays. At this point, the extra bathrooms and rooms in the barndo come in handy, as you would be able to accommodate several people.
  • Appreciates Over Time: The cost of a barndominium appreciates over time, just like that of a house. With barndominiums in high demand, it can even appreciate more, especially for a big barndo. Therefore, any way you look at it, it is a good investment to build a big barndo.
  • Serves Many Purposes: A small barndo gives a lesser option for making use of the space available. However, this isn’t the same for a big barndominium. When there is more available space, you can build a library, an office, or even have room for a gym.

How Much Will It Cost You To Build A Big Barndominium?

To know the cost of a big barndominium, you have to understand the building of a barndominium.

On average, you must budget between $100 to $130 per square foot to build a barndominium. For a build of, say, 4000 square feet, it will surmount between $400,000 to $520,000.

However, while checking the figures, remember that several factors can alter the price range. For instance, the company, material cost, location, etc. Also, if you are looking for something luxurious, that’s extra money.

However, it is possible to reduce the overall cost by building it yourself. The materials for a barndo cost between $20 to $30, meaning a barndo of 4000 square feet; you will spend between $80,000 to $120,000.

Although, it isn’t ideal for building a big barndo yourself, as it requires special care and handling, and the project can be pretty strenuous.

How Big Is A Two-Story Barndominium: Is it Too Big?

A two-story barndominium measures about 20 feet and builders can slightly alter the height depending on the request.

With that in mind, a two-story barndominium can accommodate up to four rooms, three bathrooms, and a large lounge and kitchen.

Once again, it depends on the floor plan of the barndominium. It is also possible to have attic space, here you can store things that are no longer useful in the house.

The attic can also serve as an extra emergency room if needed.

How Big Is A Two-Story Barndominium


Due to the prefabricated structure and spacious build of a barndominium, you may ask, how big is a barndominium?

Typically, the size of a barndominium depends on the height and number of square feet. With that said, you can decide on the size of their barndo by selecting a bigger floor plan.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the necessary info on the big size of a barndominium, and now you can decide what budget you’ll need to construct one.

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