Can You Get A 30-year Mortgage On A Barndominium?

Barndominiums are an expensive investment, so you may have a relatively hard time finding a traditional mortgage lender that will offer you a home loan to buy or build one.

However, in answering the concern, “can you get a 30-year mortgage on a barndominium?”

You should consider if loan program guidelines constrain the lender from offering loans to people who want to build a barndo.

The mortgage funding for a barndominium is typically done in two parts. The first part involves a one-year loan for actual construction costs.

While the second is the permanent loan which will pay the remaining charges and set the new monthly payment based on the amount left on loan.

This article will inform you of the facts concerning the subject matter using an easy-to-read approach. Read on!

What Is Mortgage Insurance for Barndominiums?

Mortgage insurance is how the lender lowers the risk of making a loan to a house owner. This will help people qualify for loans that they will otherwise not qualify for.

When you have less than twenty per cent down payment of the home purchase price, you can opt for mortgage insurance which usually is a requirement in FHA and USDA loans.

When you are required to pay for mortgage insurance, this will be included in your total monthly payment, which will be made to their lender, with their closing costs.

What Is Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance is a requirement for a conventional mortgage loan. The loan to value ratio of the mortgage is over 20% when the down payment is less than 20 per cent of the property value. However, the borrower has more risk when the loan to value ratio is high.

The lender’s investment in the home is protected when they give out mortgages. However, the advantage of mortgage insurance is that it allows more people to become homeowners quickly.

Hence, people that choose to put down 5% to 19.99% of the cost of the barndominium will increase their chances of getting funding from mortgage insurance.

Be aware you need to accumulate enough equity not to be considered high risk by your lenders. The cost of mortgage insurance can be between 0.25% to 2% of your loan per year.

If the lender considers the risk factor and comes out high, you will need to pay more each year.

The more you borrow, the more you will have to pay because mortgage insurance is based on the mortgage percentage.

Different Mortgage Insurance Types

Several types of mortgage insurance are tailored to fit the borrower’s needs and ultimately protect the lender’s interest. The following paragraphs will highlight some of the types of mortgage insurance.


You have to pay the mortgage insurance in a lump sum if you use SPMI. One of the advantages of Single-premium mortgage insurance is the monthly payment will be significantly reduced.

It can help you qualify to borrow more money to purchase your barndominium. Furthermore, you also don’t have to watch your loan to value ratio to see when you can get your mortgage canceled.

However single premium mortgage insurance also comes with its risks. For example, a single premium mortgage cannot be refunded if you refinance or sell within a few years.

In addition, interest will be charged whilst the SPMI is active.

If you plan to stay in your home for two or three years, the single premium mortgage insurance will be a huge money saver. However, most lenders do not offer this mortgage insurance plan.


BPMI comes in a monthly fee paid with the mortgage payment. After the closure of the loan, you will have to pay borrower-paid mortgage insurance every month until you have a 22% equity in your home.

When the equity gets to 22%, the lender has to cancel BPMI automatically. However, you will have to pay monthly mortgage payments for eleven years to get BPMI cancelled.

If you are proactive, you can get your lender to cancel BPMI at twenty per cent. However, payments have to be current for them to be cancelled.

You can use refinancing as a way for you to stop paying mortgage insurance. Before opting for refinancing, it is essential to weigh the cost of refinancing against continuing to pay the mortgage insurance.

If you prepay your mortgage principal to have at least twenty per cent equity, you can easily cancel your mortgage insurance payments.


The lender-paid mortgage insurance isn’t as popular as single-premium mortgage insurance. Using LPMI, the lender will pay the mortgage insurance at a premium over the loan’s lifespan at a slightly higher interest rate.

However, it is not possible to cancel lender-paid mortgage insurance. This type of mortgage is factored into the overall loan.

Therefore, the mortgage is not refundable and will not decrease when you have 20 to 22% equity.


Lender-paid mortgage insurance comes with its benefits. The monthly payment is lower than regular mortgage insurance allowing you to qualify for more borrowing.

Is It Possible to Get a 30-Year Mortage On a Barndominium?

In answering the question, can you get a 30-year mortgage on a barndominium? Fortunately, It is possible to get a thirty-year mortgage on a barndominium.

Although getting financing for a barndominium is more difficult because barndos are relatively new. So, most lenders find it hard to give out mortgages for barndos.

You can use local banks, farm credit lenders, or national lenders to get mortgages for your barndominium.

can you get a 30 year mortgage on a barndominium

Mortgage Insurance Rates Annual mortgage Rates Initial mortgage insurance Rates
Conventional loans Not available Not available Not available 0.19-1.86%
FHA loans MIP 1.75% Upfront mortgage insurance premium 0.85%
USDA loans Annual Fee 1.0% Upfront guarantee fee 0.35%
VA loans Not available 2.3% Funding fee Not available

Can I Get A Mortgage Without Mortgage Protection?

Mortgage protection is not a requirement for you to get a mortgage. First, you need to get mortgage protection insurance, no matter your loan type.

Usually, the lender will recommend mortgage protection insurance, but it is up to you to decide whether to accept it.

How To Find A 30-Year Mortgage Lender For a Barndo?

To find the best 30-year mortgage lender, you must shop around. It would be best to consider different options such as local credit unions, banks, online credit lenders, etc.

It is advisable to ask for rates, down payment requirements, mortgage insurance, and more. Below are some steps you should take in finding a thirty-year mortgage lender.

  • Step 1: The first step you should take is to strengthen your credit. You must give your finances some checks and improve your credit standing. If the credit score needs improvement, you should look through your credit reports for errors and late payments.

The best way to get your credit score up is to make on-time payments and pay down credit cards below thirty per cent.

  • Step 2: The next step is for you to determine your budget. The wrong lender can qualify you for a loan that will exhaust your budget, leaving no room for unexpected expenses, which is a wrong financial decision.

Most lenders will pre-approve people based on things such as; gross income, revolving debt, and outstanding loans. However, most will not consider utilities, monthly bills, daycare, etc. So, you should always consider the budget before finding a thirty-year mortgage lender.

  • Step 3: It is not a good idea to find a thirty-year mortgage lender without knowing the mortgage options. It is advisable to know how to speak the mortgage language before going into any deals.
  • Step 4: You should check the rates against others offered by different lending companies. Credit unions, banks, and independent and online lenders have different rates. You must ensure that they get only the best deals. Do this by comparing other lenders and how their rates are similar or different.

Final Advice

Due to the expenses involved in outrightly buying or building a barndominium, it is no wonder when people ask the question can you get a 30-year mortgage on a barndominium?

Fortunately, you can get mortgages on their barndominium using different lenders. While it is not too tricky to get a mortgage on a barndominium, you should research finding the best mortgage lender.

Simple steps such as comparing rates and working within a budget are good ways to find an excellent lender.

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