Barndominium With Wrap-Around Porch – [8 Floor Plans Included]

A wrap-around porch is something that is often associated with homes of yesteryear complete with rockers for people to sit and enjoy the summer evening with a glass of lemonade and great conversation.

Today, people are bringing back those wrap-around porches when they are building their new barndominium.

A barndominium with wrap-around porch can give you so much area to host family gatherings and can help to open up the inside.  Building it right can also give you many entrances into your barndominium.

In this article, you will find the information you need to consider when building your barndominium with a wrap-around porch.

There are also some awesome floor plans showing you just how you can incorporate this porch to make your barndominium a warm inviting place for family and friends to gather.

Key Takeaways:

  • The type of barndominiums that work great with wrap-around porches is county and southern-style.
  • They add value to your barndominium and increase curb appeal
  • A wrap-around porch can cover two, three, or all four sides of a house.

Why Have A Barndominium With Wrap-Around Porch?

There are many reasons why you should have a barndominium with a wrap-around porch but the main one is that it is one way to make a statement.

It gives your barndominium that “WOW” factor.  Some of the other reasons include:

  • Frames your barndominium—having a wrap-around porch is one way of pulling together the exterior look of your barndominium together. It draws attention to a focal point, which could be the entryway into your barndominium, or your kitchen.
  • To frame the space more, you can add comfy seats such as rocking chairs or a porch swing, flower boxes, or potted plants.
  • Unique touch—with a wrap-around porch it gives your barndominium that unique touch that many other modern homes do not have. If you have used the southern-style design, a wrap-around porch is visually appealing and can add classic, elegant charm.
  • Versatility—you not only can use this area for entertaining but you can also use it as a place to relax and unwind, gardening when you add flower boxes, for a play area for children when it is raining, and more. With so much square footage, you can use different areas of your porch for different things.
  • More entertainment space—with a wrap-around porch, you can take the party from the inside to the outside. With a wrap-around porch, different areas can be used for different activities during a family gathering.  One area can be used for barbeques while another part can be used for the children, and another area can be for quiet conversations.
  • Adds value to your barndominium—if you ever decide that you want to sell your barndominium, having a wrap-around porch will add value to the resell price. It gives more living and entertaining space.  It also adds a southern charm to the exterior.

Barndominium Floor Plans With Wrap -Around Porch

When you are looking at floor plans for your new barndominium, consider adding a wrap-around porch, whether it will be on two, three, or all four sides.

It gives you many different ways to enter into your barndominium.  If you have a door off the kitchen to your wrap-around porch, it makes it easier to transfer food to your outdoor entertaining space.

When designing your floor plans to include a wrap-around porch, you will have to decide if you have to decrease the square footage inside your barndominium.

That is to accommodate it or do you have enough room to just add on to the barndominium without decreasing the square footage inside.

You will also need to decide where your entrance points will be., which can be one or more.

Barndominium With Wrap-Around Porch

Below are eight different floor plans showcasing a wrap-around porch.

You can use one of these as the ways you design your barndominium with wrap-around porch or combine several ideas to get the one that is best for your needs.

Barndominium With Wrap-Around Porch

Barndominium With Wrap-around Porch With Master Bedroom Example 1 (Floor Plan 138)

This barndominium with wrap-around porch covers all four sides with the rear porches measuring about 56×8 and the side porches measuring about 50×8.

There are only two entrances from the side and rear porch into the living and dining area.

There is enough space on the porch for family get-togethers.  This barndominium has a master suite and two other bedrooms.

Barndominium with wrap around porch with Master Bedroom Example 1 Plan-138

Barndominium With Wrap-around Porch With Master Bedroom Example 2 (Floor Plan 139)

This large barndominium wrap-around porch has stairs leading off it from all sides to the yard below.

There are two entrances into the barndominium, the living room, and the kitchen area.  With this wrap-around porch, there are a lot of entertaining areas.

They have put the bedrooms, of which there are three plus the master suite along with the guest bathroom on the other side.  There is a nice large kitchen, dining, and living space.

Barndominium with wrap around porch with Master Bedroom Example 2 Plan-139

Barndominium With Wrap-around Porch With Master Bedroom Example 3 (Floor Plan 140)

This is a nice, large wrap around porch with adequate entertaining space.  There are also stairs leading into the yards with an entrance into the living area.

This is a three-bedroom barndominium, including the master suite.  There is plenty of room for the children to play when it is a rainy day.

Barndominium with wrap around porch with Master Bedroom Example 3 Plan-140

Barndominium With Wrap Around Porch With Master Bedroom Example 4 (Floor Plan 141)

With this wrap-around porch, the front, rear, and one side porch are larger than the other side porch near the master suite.

The larger parts of the porch give you more entertainment space while the small porch that you enter too from the living room is more of an area for rocking chairs, a porch swing, and other comfortable chairs for sitting and chatting with friends and neighbors.

This is a nice three-bedroom barndominium, which includes the master suite.

Barndominium with wrap around porch with Master Bedroom Example 4 Plan-141

Barndominium With Wrap Around Porch With Shop Example 6 (Floor Plan 142)

This is a well-thought-out barndominium wrap-around porch as it has many entrances, from the living area and kitchen, from each of the two bedrooms, located on one end of the barndominium, and the shop area.

There is no master suite.  The wrap-around porch is equal in size all around.  This makes it great that you can enter different areas of the house from anywhere on the porch.

The one-bedroom does have an ensuite bathroom so it could be used as a master suite.

Barndominium with wrap around porch with Shop Example 6 Plan-142

Barndominium With Wrap Around Porch With Shop Example 7 (Floor Plan 143)

This barndominium with wrap-around porch is only for two sides, with a larger front porch, leading into the living area.

There are three bedrooms, one with an ensuite bathroom that could be used as a master bath.  There is an entrance into the office area from the porch.

The half-bath is off the living area.  In addition, to the garage, there is a utility/workshop off the living area that you can enter from the garage.

Barndominium with wrap around porch with Shop Example 7 Plan-143

Barndominium Wrap Around Porch With Classic Drawing Example 8 (Floor Plan 144)

This barndominium wrap-around porch is also on two sides, with entrances into two of the bedrooms, which have ensuite bathrooms so they could both be considered master suites.

There is also an entrance into the barndominium into the living area by the kitchen.  Off the kitchen is another bedroom but the bathroom is shared with guests.

Also off the kitchen are the utility room and pantry.  There is a lot of entertainment space on the porch.

Barndominium with wrap around porch with Classic Drawing Example 8 Plan-144

Barndominium With Wrap Around Porch With Classic Drawing Example 9 (Floor Plan 145)

Although the wrap-around porch is narrow, there is still ample entertainment space.

It is a three-bedroom barndominium with none having an ensuite bathroom, but instead, a shared one between the bedrooms.  All three bedrooms do lead to the porch area.

There is also an entrance from the porch to the utility room and the living area.

Barndominium with wrap around porch with Classic Drawing Example 9 Plan-145


A barndominium with wrap-around porch can have one or more sides.  This type of porch can give you great entertainment space and multiple entrances into your barndominium.

This article has also covered the things to know about designing your wrap-around porch to benefit your lifestyle.

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