Barndominium With Indoor Pool – Getting Started

Building a barndominium with an indoor pool would be luxurious, allowing you to swim in comfort at any time.  It would allow you to get more use out of the pool but would the cost be worth it?  You would also need to work the size of the pool into your floor plans.

Yes, building a barndominium with indoor pool would be nice but you need to sit down and think of all the factors that would go into doing this.  According to some, it would only make sense financially to add an indoor pool if your barndominium is worth two million dollars or more, especially if it is a luxury pool with all the spa features.

This article will cover the cost of building an indoor pool in your barndominium, and even if you can do it.  If, after careful consideration, you still want to have an indoor pool, the article will cover just how to do it.

Key Takeaways

  • It can be expensive
  • Adding an indoor pool can give you swimming time year-round
  • It can add value to your property if you resell your barndominium.

Can You Put A Pool In A Barndominium?

Yes, you can put a pool in a barndominium but think carefully about how large it will be, where you want it located, and the maintenance and upkeep.  Make sure that you want to put an indoor pool into your barndominium because it would be expensive to take out plus you would have just an open area once it is removed.

Can You Put A Pool In A Barndominium

Advantages Of An Indoor Pool

  • You can use them year-round: If you do not live in a warm climate where you can take advantage of the pool year-round, then you should consider an indoor pool.  Building a pool can be expensive so you want to be sure you get your money’s worth.  You will be able to use your indoor pool at any time, so this makes an indoor pool a wise investment.
  • You will be protected from sunburn: With an indoor pool, you will not have to worry about the sun blazing down on you, helping to eliminate the need for sunscreen.  If you are fair-skinned and burn easily, an indoor pool will help prevent that.
  • Less maintenance: With an indoor pool, there will not be all the leaves and dead insects that you will have to skim out of your pool daily.  Having an indoor pool will also help to prevent algae growth.  The ones swimming in the pool will not have to worry about dragging in leaves, cut grass, etc.  Since you won’t be using sunscreen, you will not have to worry about it building up on the surface of the pool.
  • Privacy: You will be able to enjoy your pool just floating around on a plastic raft or do your water aerobics you can do in private without being bothered.
  • Safety: An outdoor pool is very tempting for someone to attempt to climb over the fence or somehow get into but with an indoor pool, you will not have to worry about that.  You have more control over who uses your pool when it is an indoor pool.
  • You will also use fewer chemicals because there is not too much sunlight to diminish the sanitizer/chlorine levels

Disadvantages Of An Indoor Pool

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of having an indoor pool is the initial cost. Generally, an indoor pool costs more, even if they are the same size.
  • It is easier to find a spot to put an outdoor pool because, with an indoor pool, you have limited choice. It has to fit within your home.
  • Humidity: A pool loses a lot of moisture into the air so if it is outside, that Is no big deal but with an indoor pool it can become an issue.  You will need special equipment to handle the indoor pool humidity.  The pool humidity level should be kept between 50-60 percent.
  • There are also higher energy costs as you are not heating the pool water and air space around it.

Barndominium With Indoor Pool – How Much Does It Cost?

An indoor pool can cost as much as $187,000 and this includes the equipment and the room around it.  When you break down the cost, it averages about $100 per square foot, which would be around $112,000, depending on how large you want your pool.  This figure is based on a full-size pool, which would be approximately 1124 square feet making the pool 25’x45’

The pool parts and other equipment would be between $40,000-$60,000 with the dehumidification costing between $20,000-$30,000.  The dehumidification system is needed to help protect the structure from being damaged by moisture.

Barndominium With Indoor Pool

This sounds very expensive but considering you would be using it year-round instead of just part of the year, it doesn’t sound so expensive.

How Can I Add A Swimming Pool To My Barndominium?

Although you can add an indoor pool later after your barndominium has been constructed you do need to figure out where you will put it when you are designing your new barndominium before it is constructed.  It is best to work with an architect who has experience designing indoor pools. You will need to make sure that you have a complete HVAC system so make sure whoever you get knows how to put in this system.

When an indoor pool is designed, it is designed where the deck of the pool will slope toward the wall of the pool house so the water will not run in the direction of the walls. Because the indoor pool does not have to put up with the various elements of weather, such as freezing, and snowy weather, they can use a wider variety of materials like ceramic waterline tiles and glass.  They can also use tiles that are small than 6×6 inches.

When building your indoor pool, they will need to use some type of plastic vapor barrier behind the walls.  This will help to prevent moisture from reaching the framing.  In addition to the pool, you will also need an equipment room to keep all your supplies.  There will also need to be a good ventilation system to take the smell of chlorine out of the pool area.

You will also need to think about lighting options.  An outdoor pool has plenty of sunlight so to give your indoor pool light you can add skylights and windows. For lights at night, you can use underwater lights along with wall sconces.  You should not use overhead lighting directly above your pool as it would be hard to change the light bulbs.  You can also use a glass ceiling window for natural light.


Having a barndominium with indoor pool sounds like a good idea but if you are on a budget, it might be feasible as it can cost as much as your barndominium.  Yes,  it would be nice to swim year-round but you need to make sure you have the space to put it and if you want to add it later, it can be done but will be harder to do.

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